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Every now and then I watch some HAM stuff videos in YT. Either antenna projects, or DXpedition report, or any other interesting Ham related content.

Today I saw a video in a channel devoted entirely to QRP, CW and Portable operation.
These videos are short and nice, the owner doesn’t talk, but the ambience noise, footage and radio sound are self explanatory. I find them quite entertaining and inspirational.
On top of that, the lead (EA5IW) shows lots of tiny radios in action, most of them popular within SOTA, and some others vintage.

Let me share one of his videos, this one chasing Kurt HB9AFI/P from a non SOTA summit, I guess.
A pity that this guy doesn’t seem to feel attracted to try SOTA, but to enjoy portable operation.

If you have some free time just navigate his channel a bit.
73 Ignacio


Hello Ignacio.
I like his channel too he is a fit dude sometimes he runs to the top of a hill makes a QSO then runs down as well or rides a nice Mountain Bike in other videos. I think I am Subscribed as well so I never miss any new stuff. I am not only a SOTA tragic but a You Tube tragic as well with any radio stuff.
Regards all
Ian vk5cz …

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Thanks for posting that Ignacio. His videos are very good even with no commentary, unlikely many the many with tooooooo much talking. He has a nice little dog too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing, Ignacio!

… he’s a CW operator, he doesn’t have to :joy:

73, Roman