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Private challenges (Part 2)

You can go now Andy :slight_smile:
73, Éric

I forgot that as I have admin status, the limits etc. don’t apply!

I should switch to a 4 day week in 2022 and retire later that year, so I have a number of plans once I have more time. However, the 4 day week has been put back 2 months as we have more work than staff! I’ll have to be careful because the lure of filthy lucre from my employers can blind me into staying on longer.

  • Activate on mainland EU again. Last time was October 2019 but it feels a long time ago.
  • More FL/VO summits, this may happen this summer on the way to Friedrichshafen.
  • See my sister down in Nîmes and activate in F/CR, F/PE and gorge myself on the food/drink. Also drive out and visit Éric F5JKK who is a regular chaser and lives not far from her.
  • Activate in EA with Paul M0SNA/W6PNG.

I think it is a matter of changing my viewpoint from fitting these things in with my working life to taking the pre-retirement view of fitting work into my private activities!


I’ve been practicing that since I was 17! At age 50, I’m feeling that the work is really getting in the way now and am aiming for an 80/10 split in my favour next year…


Finished at 53, now 57… don’t miss proper work at all. Retire… you make your expenses fit your new income.


That’s the plan. I just may have to take up armed robbery or Internet crime, as I’m not cheap to run!


no chance… they offer 110 % if I stay longer. I asked: in addition to the pension, then it’s ok… because I get the pension anyway… but that wasn’t their plan. 20.12. is my last working day.

Let me know when you are in the area… if it fits, we can activate some summits together.

But you know: pensioners almost never have time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

73 Armin


Snap! And that’s the problem :slight_smile:



I’ll be looking forward to seeing you over EA2/NV some day and being in good enough condition as to go activate SOTA with you.


That made me laugh Fraser. Oh, chance would indeed have been a fine thing. I planned to retire at 60, worked to 65 when I closed my business and finally gave up work after a further 3 years of consultancy work.

The problem is, I’m still not doing anything near what I had planned to be doing a decade ago. A bit like my school report - Must Do Better!


I lived in Colorado for two years from 2013-2015 before returning to Kentucky. While I was there I summited a number of peaks, always with an HT. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about SOTA at the time.

Presently, when I’m chasing (specifically S2S QSO’s) I keep track of my “unofficial completes” which are mountains I summited with an HT but don’t count because I was late to the party :rofl: