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Private challenges (Part 2)

Things have moved from the Work in Progress to the Done list and some updates have been added. (Glacial progress is nevertheless progress :smiley: )

Get foundation license, so I could…
Chase my first SOTA activation
Do my first SOTA activation

Get my full license, so I could…
Do my first overseas SOTA activation

Get to shack sloth
Activate and chase with SSB on 2M

Learn CW so I could…
Do my first CW SOTA chase
Do my first CW SOTA activation

Get shack sloth all CW
Activate with my MTR 3B LCD. (Also with an aerial I built myself, which is no biggie, but it was an original style @K6ARK matching unit 40/30/20 trapped EFHW which took a few goes to get right!)

Work in progress (some of which is so slow it’s tricky to detect)
Activate with a rig I built myself
Activate all of G/WB
Do a multi day route camping between summits, walking or biking
Do more activations each year than I did the previous year (Failed last year, but already done more this year than last. Keen to up my activating rate, inspired somewhat by @GW4BML 's brisk pace to Goatdom)


Hi all,

Finally and after having contacted my 1st G-summit on 2010-10-02 (G/SC-008 @G3TJE) and a hole in my SOTA life between 2011-06-14 and 2016-09-01 (5 years +) and thanks to Richard @G4TGJ on G/SP-012 I finally realized my “worked all G summits:partying_face:

Merci à tous les activateurs :+1:

73, Éric


Congratulations Éric!
I did have thoughts of offering G/SP-012 myself as it’s not too far from my QTH having looked at SOTLAS. Glad that Richard helped you out earlier than I could.
I do hope that you’ll continue to chase G. :slight_smile:

Vy 73


Hi Colin,

Of course I will continue to chase the G summit, there it will be with the keyer but with my left hand :crazy_face:

73, Éric


Hello Eric,

Thanks for the QSOs yesterday. As I was operating I saw the spot for G/SP-012 yesterday and I thought you may have worked Richard G4TGJ/P and finished getting the full set of G/SPs yesterday with Easington Fell. As a former train spotter myself I liken the ticking off of areas and associations as very similar.to the train spotting hobby I had in my teens! Well done, a good catch.

73 Phil G4OBK


I’ve heard Munro bagging described as trainspotting in the wet.

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Here in Southern California we have a chapter of the Sierra Club called The Hundred Peaks Section. It’s a bit of a misnomer in that there are something like 275 peaks over 5,000’ on this list. I look for what I consider to be the holy grail trifecta - A complete, a unique and a new HPS peak. I am up to 189 peaks on the HPS list and would love to complete the list, activating each one as I go.

There are some pretty tough peaks remaining for me on the list.

More on the HPS list: