Possible MG activation tomorrow

Sue and I have been in the Lake District (of England) for the last few days, but the weather hasn’t played very nicely. I was hoping to finish this trip with a further LD activation to take me over the 1000 activator points threshold. Apologies to some of those I spoke to today who are now less likely to get me as I’ve had to pick a hill somewhat further south than I intended, due to the weather forecast of severe upland Westerly, backing southerly, gales arriving earlier the further north and west you are.

So, it now looks like it will be a quick trip up the east side of Pendle Hill (G/SP-005) just on 2M FM instead, assuming the forecast gales don’t arrive too early or swing around too far to the south.

If I cancel, I’ll update SOTAWATCH and it will then probably be N. Wales somewhere on Saturday instead.

Fingers crossed.


Congratulations Gerald & well done on the activation of Pendle Hill today. It was very windy at 200m where I was so Pendle must have been very bad.

Well done to Sue for holding the antenna steady :smile:

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Hi Gerald

Congratulations on your achievement of MG status (and to Sue for getting you there :wink: ). Thank you for all the chaser and s2s points along the way not only under WML but also GDA. Now get that log into the database and celebrate :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

Well done both on the MG activation! It’s a bit bleak up there (I activated it in 2013). Glad I caught you
73 de George M0SSD

Well done Gerald !

Congratulations on gaining Mountain Goat status in 2014. Wish I could have worked you.

Hope you brought up a suitable beverage to celebrate !


Thanks everyone. Couldn’t have done it without the very long suffering XYL Sue. Thank you to all the chasers today. I’ll post a bigger report later.

A couple of pictures to show the weather. Log will be uploaded later too.

Given the weather I think this was a good choice of hill.

Soup and a sandwich in the Pendle Inn now. A little celebratory tipple later when I reach home.


Sue in her usual antenna holding position.

Me just starting to pack up.


Congratulations Gerald.

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Well done, Gerald…

73 Mike

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Well Done Gerald on achieving MG Status.


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Congratulations Gerald, well done!
Roger MW0IDX

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Back home and the database has been updated with today’s log.

Some thanks in order I think!

Firstly to Sue, who I mentioned earlier. She has been with me on the vast majority of these expeditions, always happy to help me and I must say she sometimes picks up what people have said better than me! I can’t think of many non operator wives who would sit on top of hills in all weathers. She steadfastly refuses to become licensed herself.

Secondly to all the many chasers (and activators) I have worked in the shacks, on hill tops, in their cars or even out walking the dog! I won’t single too many people out, but Bob G6ODU has been far and away my most prolific chaser who I’ve spoken to on almost half of my activations, all the more amazing as I mostly activate on 2M FM. We’ve even met up out on the hills together and activated a few hills, I hope to do some more of that. I’d also like to thank Karen 2E0XYL for some tips and help in activating in the early days. Lots of great advice that stood me in good stead as well as being a regular chaser. Thanks to Mike 2E0YYY for my first transatlantic contact when I operated his kit when several of us jointly operated on Moel Famau a while back. I’ll not single anyone else out, but there are lots of other regular chasers, particularly in North Wales when I’m on some of the western hills, who have ensured I got the necessary four contacts.

Thirdly, to the people who thought up this wonderful idea of SOTA. It’s given me hours and hours of fun.

Finally, to the current Management Team and all the other people who manage resources we use, such as databases and websites (official and unofficial).

This is beginning to sound like a retirement speech… it isn’t! I’m only just getting started, roll on the next 1,000 activator points!

I’d like to finish all of GW/NW (maybe next year) and get to my Shack Sloth (without actually having a shack!).

Cheers all, it’s been a great three and a half years.


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Bob leads by nearly 100% more than the 2nd place chaser.

Good stuff Gerald.

Now you can do all the odd stuff worth only 1pt but that are still great hills and great walks. The urge to get the most points per mile driven disappears now. Well it did for me!

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Congratulations Gerald on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congrats for the achievememt. I can’t even imagine my xyl hiking with me to the top of a mountain at any time, but doing it in winter and remaining sat, holding a pole vertical in the cold while I opetate my radio is pure science fiction :wink:
Your xyl is an angel.

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Many Congratulations on the MG. :trophy:

Unfortunately Sue has her eyes closed in the photo and you’re wearing far too much headgear, so you need to go back and take it again tomorrow. :sunrise_over_mountains:

Maybe just have a day off!


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Congrats Gerald
73 Angel

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She is very special I know!

I’ve done a few of those, but I’ve a lot more in N. Wales to complete. I’m looking forward to them.

I’m now thinking about an entirely different list… the Marilyns themselves. No plan to complete them all (1556), but I’d quite like to get into MarHOF (Marilyn Hall of Fame), which requires a minimum of 600 separate hills from the list. I’ve done about 350 (I need a count up), sadly mostly done before I discovered SOTA, or in fact before SOTA even existed!

Does she give lessons? In over 400 activations, my XYL has been on the summit for just 3 of them. That’s probably 3 more than most XYLs. :smile:

Many congrats on the Goat. Pity it wasn’t on a big summit, but I’m sure you’ll make up for it next time out.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Sue and I met through climbing and mountaineering so I’m lucky. We’ve trekked and walked all over the world and we’ve both completed our Munros, so she knows a bit about the hills and is (mostly!) happy to just be “out” anywhere in the hills.