Possible 2m SSb activation tomorrow

Just to let you know I am thinking of activating burnhope seat tomorrow. I am thinking of trying 2m SSb out as well as 2m/70cm FM and possibly 20m HF SSb if required.
Hopefully I can increase my 2m SSb all-time log from 2 qso’s to something higher.

I’ll raise the alert once I’ve decided.

Hi, nice to see 2m SSB does still exist!

Back in to radio after a long break, and used to work 2m SSB portable a lot when I was first licensed (late 80’s).

Wondering what sort of time you were thinking of activating? Would have to take my kit to a high place, as I don’t have any way of receiving 2m SSB at home currently. I’m based in the Midlands.

Always been a walker, so SOTA seems the logical progression now I have some time to play radio :slightly_smiling_face:, hope to catch you on (or from) a summit in the future if this activation doesn’t pan out for you.

All the best,

I’ve decided to stay closer to home and activate g/tw-002 which unfortunately is only a 1 pointer so no winter bonus but the weather will be easier for my son. i read it could be wind chill up to -11 on burnhope seat and with no actual path to the summit, covering heather and bog isn’t his idea of a good walk lol.
My rough ETA would be around 1pm ish, probably more like 1330.
Will start with 2m fm then quickly move to 2m ssb. will try 70cm fm also. i’ve had wales S2s from this summit before in the summer on 2m fm.

Wonder what the 2mtr set up will be Anthony,I will listen but you need to beam Devon io70. 73 Don. G0RQL

I will watch out for your Spot 144 ssb but will only be vertical here. 650ft asl 100watts from IO72RC. No beam here.


Running late. Might be closer to 1400-1430.

Didn’t manage any SSb 2m qso. Didn’t help that the wind was blowing the beam around. Managed around 8 2m FM QSO.

No problem, at least you got the activation!

I took my kit out and gave it a test at a nearby high spot (not a SOTA summit tho) and all seems to work well, so hopeful for some 2m SSB contacts when I get organised for a proper SOTA activation :slightly_smiling_face:

And yes! My beam was getting blown around too, but I strapped the pole to the car seeing as it was just a test - I wouldn’t wanted to have been ‘proper’ portable, nowhere to shelter where I was operating.

Hope to catch you on 2m SSB in the future,


I vaguely heard someone in the noise on 2m SSb but not possible to work him.

I see there are three activations planned for tomorrow that include 2M SSB. Any 2M SSB Chasers are more than welcome.

73 Chris M0RSF

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Unfortunately I can not make the 11:00 activation - maybe some chasers still listening at 14:00.