Poll: Would you buy a SOTA hat?

It seems to me a SOTA hat is part of the essential equipment to take to a summit, hence the category :slight_smile:

OK, so will you buy a hat with a SOTA logo on it?

  • I would buy a SOTA baseball cap
  • I would buy a SOTA beanie hat
  • I would not buy any kind of SOTA hat

Obviously there is no pricing info, this is merely to see if there is sufficient interest for Barry to take this further.

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I have never heard the expression beanie hat before and I was going to copy it for paste onto the web based translator I someties have to use, but then I realised that by trying to copy that text, I have voted that option without even knowing what it is.
Can someone send a picture of a beanie type hat?

Guru - EA2IF


Can you add an option to the poll for purchasing both a beanie and a baseball cap? Both have their time and place, although a beanie would be getting more use in the near future. Yay for winter!


pat - KI4SVM

I don’t want to edit the poll as I don’t know what will happen Pat. So vote for the beanie and we’ll add 1 to the cap count!

When I was growing up, that was called a “watch cap” and a “beanie” was something rather different. Beanie (seamed cap) - Wikipedia

Canadians call it a toque (or tuque, or touque).


I’m a tad disappointed that the baseball cap has no propeller option similar to this one:

With a propeller-driven generator built into the cap, a summit activation in high wind conditions could keep going indefinitely. It’s on my wish-list!


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Here’s one sans propeller, this one custom made by K7ATN for K6EL

2 in fact!

Thank you Colin.
Now it’s clear. I voted what I primarily wanted now that we’re almost entering into winter season…


Thanks for the Poll Andy. It will be interesting to see if I was right about the level of interest in a SOTA hat. I wonder roughly how many SOTA shirts sell annually, as that could be a benchmark of required hat interest.

And I immediately had the same thought about a BOTH option. Not critically important since this is just a gauge of general interest. But there are not that many votes cast yet. How much could it hurt to try adding the BOTH option just to see what happens? Curious minds want to know.

I have already tested changing my vote between all of the current available choices, and it tracked perfectly. I would certainly change it to BOTH if that became an option.

Glenn - AB3TQ

I tried to edit the poll and was told I couldn’t (and I’m an admin too). The prompt said I should close this poll and start another if I wanted to change the options. Well now we know.

Well, there’s no option that covers it for me Andy. I wear a 2m dx French Beret whenever I activate now.

The number of ‘tourists’ walking up Ben Lomond the other month and greeting me with a ‘Bonjour’ as they passed!!! :smile:

Anyway - it’s been a very lucky Beret - so unless you guys are going to start doing a SOTA Beret, then I’ll stick with what I have.



The only problem is the shipping price to YO, maybe 10 times greater than the price of the hat…

Great idea, although over here in Oz with our sizzling sun, something sunsmart with a broad brim would be more practical


Concur! We call that a Boonie hat over here. And out here in the desert, you need that unless you like your ears extra-crispie. Even in our winter period, sun burn is a real possibility. But the baseball hat might be good for city functions, club meetings. etc…

Vy73 - Mike - KD5KC.
El Paso, Texas - DM61rt.
W5-SOTA Association Manager.

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The Boonie or Slouch hat we buy in vk usually shrink once washed and don’t fit my melon head any more. If I buy one a bigger size allowing for shrinkage after a wash it blows off until such a time. But they are good with the fly vale option on our summits. Cap or Beanie would be just fine though.
73 de Ian …

You mean like this one:


on this page: My SOTA Reference Documents & Awards | DD5LP / G8GLM / VK2JI blog

Not commercially available - I simply created it myself on one of the web printing/publicity items sites about 2 years ago - It’s been on every VK2JI/DD5LP activation after that.

In your own design you coul have for example your callsign instead of the text SOTA.

73 Ed.

I hate those type of caps Ed, they seem to be big in the US. I much prefer the flatter type, but neither of them much good in the VK6 sun I’m afraid. We don’t need beanies here in VK6 either.

Wide brim and a fly net fit the bill here.

Sorry you didn’t get out today.

John VK6NU