Poll: Would you buy a SOTA hat?

Winter period in El Paso? I thought that was called Christmas.

I have made my own hats,by sewing the patch onto a hat. The only caveat is that one size doesn’t fit all. My hat size, in US terms is a 7 5/8. Please consider us guys with big heads, literally, not figuratively speaking.

how many Dollars a side for that hat Ed.
they make my head look even bigger and being a dwarf as well I look like a dog spike.
you would have to be the son of a railway navy to know what a dog spike is.
They were used to hold the rail to the wooden sleeper, a stout spike with a peaked fat head.
73 de vk5cz …

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Hi Glen,
I’m with you on the broad brim. I have a lightweight stiff brimmed hat was the result of research by the CSIRO and although I might look dawky I don’t get burned. I have worn a beanie (actually a skiers hat) for some activations as the weather is occasionally cold but mostly I’m a fine weather activator.

How do you suspend the corks at the sides and rear of your cap Ed?


Dang Elliott, your K7ATN custom SOTA hat looks like it is brand new! I’ve worn mine on every activation since it arrived from Etienne, so it’s a bit more weathered. The UV rays up here are starting to fade the logo on the front, but my callsign on the back is still looking solid:

Those photos are from the summit of English Mountain, which seemed appropriate for this reflector. :slight_smile:


Eric KU6J

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Not interested- I already have the best hat ever made for sun protection- the Outdoor Research Sun Runner.

Hi Ian, I’ll search out the details and send you them via direct email - it wasn’t expensive. Can’t remember if it was printed in the US or in Oz.

73 Ed.

Understood, when I dig out the details for Ian (5cz) I’ll see if the website does different types of hat - agreed with wide brim - I also have a hat similar to what crown green bowlers ware for when the sun is out - not so much of a problem over here in europe now.
73 Ed.

Sorry to say, but neither option is particularly appealing to me. Many one-size-fits-all baseball caps don’t fit my head, and neither style is particularly good for sun or rain (my primary uses for a hat).

I have a Mountain Hardwear hat similar to the one in the pic posted by VK3YY, which works extremely well in rain as well as sun. Now if there would be a practical way to put a SOTA patch on it without compromising the waterproofing, that could be a winner.

—73 Karl KA3RCS

I had to buy a tractor to get this SOTA cap.

After all the sunspots and other nasties I’ve had frozen off my face I don’t wear these baseball caps unless something else is covering my ears (usually earmuffs when on the tractor). Otherwise it’s a Billabong hat like Glen’s, with a drawstring to hold it on. Sunsmart we should be…

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I’ve been reading the Saturday papers here. A weighty tome of nonsense that it would create a shock of seismic proportions should you drop it on the floor. Inside the magazine a Christmas item “153 gift ideas” one of which caught my eye. A bobble hat by a company called Bobbol. It was grey and wool with a large red fluffy bobble.

The price? £72 ( 91Eu, $121US)

Note to Barry… don’t sell the hats too cheap!

Actually, it IS brand new, Eric. He sent it when I changed my call. The first one he sent me (same style) said K6ILM, and it has gone up mountains on three continents in the past two years.

Maybe K7ATN would reveal where he got it and how much he paid.

Elliott, K6EL
Chapeau Sota