PNW Winter S2S Party - March 19, 2022

Time for another Pacific Northwest get-out-and-SOTA-saturday! Choose a hill, post an alert, and get on a summit on March 19, 2022. Or stay at home in that nice warm shack of yours and chase. Doesn’t matter as long as you get on the air!

We will post a list of ops and summits before the event to make chasing and S2S just a bit easier. Otherwise this will be the usual laid-back PNW deal.

Please send your name, call, and summit choice to me at K7WXW at qrpdx dot org.

73 Bill K7WXW


I’m IN! No idea which summit yet… I will get back to ya on that Bill :grin:

Thanks for organizing another event!


I should be able to take part but just not sure which summit yet. Sounds like a fun event.

Josh -
With your regional S2S experience, can you recommend a QRG that should work best? 40m these days? 60m perhaps?

Hi Etienne. 40 has been working very well from WA to OR. 60 can be good, but not many people activate on 60 around here as you know. I think we should use the usual 40 meter SOTA freqs. for the party, but I’m sure Bill will let us know if he has another plan. I will bring a 2 meter Yagi and hope to work some W7O summits on VHF as well.

Count me in, I’ll take any recommendations. I just have 2M for now, my KX-2 is on order, but might not show up until June/July.

On the same weekend, there will be a Japan SOTA day on 20th March (Sunday). I will go camping and activate BV/HS-012 from Taiwan with my wife and daughter. So my activation will be last quite a long time. Looking forward to having a good S2S results. Regards, Huawei, 73 de BX2AI.

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I too have been planning to be on a summit for the Japan SOTA day (Saturday evening here).

I’m hoping to have a significant antenna pointed NW towards PNW (and Japan [and Taiwan… you all line up!]) from UT.

I might as well make a full day of it and see how many PNW, JA (and BX2) S2S QSOs we can make!

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So far I’ve heard from about a dozen ops about the 19th. I will be sending an email out to everyone on that list today. If you’d like to join in, please send me (K7WXW at qrpdx dot org) an email to let me know and I will add you to the list.

The party will start at 1100AM PST (1900Z) and go until we run out of steam.

The primary FM simplex frequency will be 146.58MHz and the secondary will be 146.46MHz.

Forty meters will be the primary frequency for CW and SSB but ops will certainly be working forty through ten. Look for ops in the general portion of the bands.

If you want to work other bands (UHF, etc) be sure to post that in your alert. Which reminds me, please post an alert this week, even if you aren’t sure what summit you will be on yet.

I will also send a list of ops and summits out to everyone that sends me an email by March 17th.

Thanks and 73,
Bill K7WXW

In! Eastern WA chapter…

Bill - email sent.

I hope to join, or is the strictly limited to citizens of Cascadia: N6IZ

Please join in Brian! Look forward to an S2S with you.

Hey Matt - really good signal on 40 yesterday. Thanks for the QSO!

If 40 is like it was yesterday, we should have a great S2S party. EWA and OR were booming yesterday here in WWA.

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Looking forward to it, man. Now just need to pick the most accessible summit with the least snow.

Good activations today. Fingers got too cold to key well, but made it work. Amazing views, nice day to be off work.

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I will reserve the day with the home front. Great signal today Josh.

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GM all - we have about a dozen confirmed SOTA ops for March 19th and another six or eight that are likely to be out, too. I will send a reminder out to that list on Friday and a list of ops/summits before the event.

If you are in the PNW and are going out on the 19th (defined as broadly as you like, though originally targeted for WA, ID, BC, and OR), please send me an email with your summit choice and post an alert.

Remember the more people we get out, the more S2S, chasers and fun there is!

73 Bill K7WXW


One more note… for people in the Willamette Valley region, I’ve checked with the local ARES and CERT groups. No events planned for the 19th, so we shouldn’t run into any conflicts on the two meter simplex frequencies.

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I’ll be reporting in from VE7 land on VHF FM and 40m CW.

Just gotta find the right summit😊

Thank you for setting the default frequencies for VHF. I’ll be on .58 initially, but listening to .58, .46 and .52

If the weather’s nice, I may suspend my hope project and climb the hill next to me and att 50 miles to my Cascade and Olympic chase range.
The downsides for me are the hill is only 120’, and I’m on the county campus with buildings blocking the other direction (Murphy’s law), and the west making the Olympics a monumental quest as well.
I swear, sometimes I’m hiking more in two blocks that you guys are climbing to a summit.
Who said this was easy?!!
Too much fun, too much fun!!!
Victor, KI7MMZ

OK @K7WXW - alert posted!! WW7D and I will be on Loser Ridge W7W/CW-074. Summit subject to change if the WX is not favorable.

We will start on 40 meters with a low dipole for NVIS, and 2m with a Yagi. Will also have 60 and 80 available, so we should be able to work everyone on HF and/or VHF! Looking forward to this.