Piz Turba HB/GR-201, a lonesome summit

Its a good time now to remember activations in the past.
In 2019 Piz Turba was a special goal, a lonesome summit, activated only 4 times from 2011 to 2019. The forecast was ok, but only above 2500 m asl. So I started on 1950 m asl in clouds on the ground.

The first part was a good country lane to Pass da Set, a pass also used by the old Romans.

Pass da Sett

The next part was the mountain trail to Forcellina (passage to the valley to Juf).

And right at this trail I passed the surface of the cloudsea.

View back - a sea of clouds


The last part from Forcellina to Piz Turba is without a trail but sometimes marked with Steinmanndli (small cairn).

The summit, 150 m higher and 300 m away. The way goes right outside the pic up to the ridge and then on the ridge

View back

The view from the top was pretty nice. Clouds came up from the valley in the south and fall down in the next valley down to Juf, the highest village in Europe populated the whole year.

A rare moment - clear view on Juf, 900 m lower in the valley

On the top

7.5 m pole on 3017 m asl

I managed 11 contacts on 20 m with 2 S2S, thanks a lot to the chasers.

On the way back I dipped again in clouds and drizzle. I met only two people on my way, it was wonderful lonesome and an unforgettable hike and activation.

And I found a packed rucksack. But this is an other story.


That ridge/ Arete looks pretty loose. It would cause a few accidents in some places in the UK. I guess not where it is if its a ‘lonely summit’ as you say…


Good effort and great photos.
vk5cz …

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Thanks Ludwig for the report and pics,great activation. 73 Don G0RQL.

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Hello David,

Its simple, between Avers, Bergell and Oberhalbstein (up halfstone) :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Thanks Ludwig,

With over 1,000 vertical m climb and an unforgiving final approach in the hike it qualifies for a true SOTA activation. Well done. Nicely told story too.


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