Pictorial (bar chart style) bandplans (UK biased)

I’m failing to find a decent resolution chart style band plan to guide me until I get back into things.

Never operated on HF before, so I need that especially as I am used to a 2MHz bandwidth on 2m, and one for 6m and 2m, in case things have changed since I was last on, about 20 years ago…

Anyone got some good links?

I have found textual ones, but I want pictorial to have one A4 laminated print crib sheet.

Try this one.


Should have all you want


Perfect, many thanks Peter! Far, far better than anything I found.

…unless you’re interested in 5MHz (60 metres) in which case you’ll do better with the chart available on http://homepage.ntlworld.com/wadei/UK_60m_band_utilization.htm