Pen y Fan GW/ snow

Happy New Year everyone.

My New Year has kicked off really well with 3 SOTA summits in my log the latest being Pen y Fan GW/SW-001 yesterday No snow as yet but it was -5C and lower on top but a great morning on the radio with 49 contacts from visits to 2m, 60m and 80m. Big thank you to all the Chasers and Activators

It’s all on my blog plus a few more. 73 Allan GW4VPX

Low Cloud above

Cloud clearing from Corn Du

Corn Du, Pen y Fan, Cribyn

Cold but happy

Nowhere to hide on Pen y Fan

Cribyn and across to Wayn Rydd GW/SW-004 in the distance

Corn Du and across to Fan fawr, Fan Nedd, Fan Gyhirych and Fan Brycheiniog…all SOTA summits


I’ve never walked in those hills but picture of the three summits look as though there;s a fair amount of erosion.

Did you see any aspirant SAS types…:grinning:?

Hi David

Nice range of mountains…quite a bit of erosion on the paths due to the thousands that walk them each year…the Rangers work hard to minimize the damage.

Yes, often see military activity. I was challenged yesterday with the question ‘Military?’ :grinning:

73 Allan

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Good to work you these past few days, Allan. Hope to catch you again tomorrow.

Sorry if the callsign has caused any confusion.

Dave - GB9WAB! (Until 28th January)

Thanks Dave…it’s a long callsign in a pileup :grinning: I’m at the trig tomorrow as well.

73 Allan

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Lance Corporal?

Nice views Allan. Need to venture into GW land soon. Those VHF pile-ups are stuff of dreams up here in LD land…

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You see Allan to others, you do still look like a young fellow…

73 Phil

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Thanks for the new year activation’s Allan and the pics of the great scenery. 73 Don.

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