PeaNET - 0800z - Tuesday 19th May

The mid-afternoon / teatime (UK) options were relatively low in the polls anyway - so I’ll avoid those for the time being. Having said that, I did a woeful job of promoting this one, forgetting to edit the thread title, post reminders, and then even getting bogged down with some work and forgetting all about it myself. Bad show.

The next sked for a gathering on Peanut is 1030z this coming Sunday 26th April. Having had the Discord software on my PC for the last few days, I personally really disliked it and found I needed to finally rid my PC of it and its spammy behaviour in the last hour. Admittedly, my elderly PC was probably not up to the job - but I’ll not be investigating the Discord possibilities myself in the immediate term. That’s not to say someone else cannot organise something on Discord - this is something I have been trying to encourage, but no-one seems to want to pick this up and run with it.

So for me - it’s Peanut - and I’ll see you there at 1030z on Sunday. Stay safe everyone.


Hi Tom, thank for the date and time. I too have similar problems with Discord. Did what you did over the last week and finely gave up with it. Tried the link from Wunder and sought his advice. Nothing heard. Did what you did, removed it from my PC. I cant be bothered with it now.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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I have to agree that even the name says it all…I don’t think we’ll get better than Peanut, and as for Peanut and the Sota room, well I’m mostly there during the days so anyone can come and join me and have a chin wag.
Best 73 de 2E0AGB


Hi Allen…what time during the day? Just called you at about 9ish. cheers

sorry Geoff didn’t see you mate , must have been making coffee. There was Luc, Frank and Christophe there but were all busy so not speaking. Was around 10:30 - 11:00 my time

Spammy? I haven’t seen notifications for anything but groups I’m in, but the eye of the beholder and all that.

Fifteen people have signed up, and the room is there whenever people want to use it.

Geoff, we were not members of the same server, so direct messages were rejected. That’s an anti-spam feature. Using the invitation link should have let you join the SOTA server. Sorry that didn’t work for you.

I can temporarily open up my message permissions if you want to try again.


…and once you find the appropriate setting point, you can pretty much silence Discord as far as notifications go, if you wish.

Ok this morning we had 10 or 12 visitors to the room which is nice but only a couple actually spoke. Please believe Everyone is welcome and don’t be shy about speaking we don’t bite.
Was lovely as always Geoff AX3SQ ( VK3SQ ) to have a chin wag and you too Richard G7VYH.
Tom M1EYP our regular master of ceremonies will be running a net tomorrow so hope to see you all there. Take care and stay safe.

73 de 2E0AGB


Good morning* everyone (*good afternoon to the VKs).

A reminder that our next SOTA friends Peanut net is this morning at 1030 UTC.

Everyone is welcome. If you’re not yet on Peanut, you have three hours to get set up so you can join us at 1030z. peanut – David PA7LIM

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The net is underway. In the SOTA room on Peanut we have:


Come and join us!

Net closed @ 1235z after over two very enjoyable hours. Thanks to all participants.


Hi Tom, great idea to put up the time zones. Very helpfull. 73 de Geoff vk3sq

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We had another very enjoyable net today and I want to publicly thank Tom for organising, advertising and controlling it as well as thanking all participants for joining.



Yes, worthwhile and a hint from one of the participants fixed the Tx on my PC version of Peanut.
I’ll be back.


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How do I connect to the SOTA Peanut room on a DMR radio using a Pi hotspot? I’ll trawlled through the posts on Peanut but didn’t spot how to do this.

I presume I just need to go to a specific TG.


Hi Compton,

That is not possible, the Peanut SOTA room is just an internet chatroom, not connected to any radio network.

It could be connected, if a good soul would be willing to set up a server, and making available an AMBE chip, as explained here

But note that DMR Brandmeister is not supported (so far).
David PA7LIM told me he is also working on the Yaesu Fusion connection, but it’s not ready yet.

That will be very handy Luc…Would appreciate you letting us know when this comes to fruition.

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Thanks Luc.
Helpfull information

I too am most enthused by the prospect of being able to connect into the Peanut SOTA room via RF using YSF (WIRES-X?).

Being able to use Peanut from a summit during an activation without eating into mobile data would be FB.

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Anyway, it’s time to plan our next gathering / net.

I’m thinking along the lines of late Thursday evening UTC - say 2130z.

Any comments on that suggestion?

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That’s fine with me