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PB2T four times MG.

A hike to the [ Haut Folin, FL/VL-001, ] made Hans 4 times Mountain Goat. Congrats Hans on 4,000 activator points – what a great achievement!
Always nice to work you. Good luck in F.

Tot horens, 73 Tonnie de PA9CW.


Well done Hans
this is indeed a great achievement

73! Csaba


73 Marcel DM3FAM

Good luck in all countries :mask:
Tks all QSO Hans
Éric 73

Congratulations Hans.


Nice job, Hans. I’m proud to have been with you when you got your very first points. Enjoy the many more yet to come!

I activated some summits together with him. Nice guy. Congrats @PB2T.

Now with the removal of the summits in OK the 5th MG takes a bit longer I guess. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


73 Jens HB9EKO

Hi Hans


Nick G4OOE

Congratulations Hans.


Thanks all. It has been a while since my last activation. We enjoy the sunny weather and excellent food in the Morvan area. Daily activations are a must to keep our weight at an acceptable level.


Congratulations Hans, impressive! Still remember fondly our joint activation with HB9DST of HB/ZG-001 and HB/ZG-002.

It has also to be mentioned that Hans is the only non-HB9 activator that achieved the Enzian-Level HB9SOTA Activator Diploma :wink:

all the best and many more nice activations to come

Peter HB9TVK

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Congratulations, Hans!
I am happy and thank you for being a little involved with S2S connections. Many thanks and best 73

Hi Tonnie & to Hans,

This is a particularly good achievement considering you live in a ‘Low’ country. It must involve a lot of travelling. Keep up the good work for that 5k certificate!

Thank you for the QSO’s and your help with Arnhem. We have had to cancel this year but have re-booked for 2021. Here’s hoping!

Stay safe,
73, John

Ah, a gentle reminder to finish the Edelweiss level. I just need one more in GL and one more in UR.

73, Hans F/PB2T

Bravo Hans !
Thanks for all s2s, chaser QSO.
73 Roger

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Just noticed that we started SOTA on the same day!
73, Ken

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Paul, Thank you for introducing us in the wonderful world of SOTA. We are back in our flat country, but plan to do more summits this summer.

73, Hans

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If I can be of any help with you getting those last two summits for the Edelweiss / Cowbell award, let me know. That would be cool – the first non-HB to get that level!

Nice, I wasn’t aware you’re already that close! HB/GL-039 or HB/GL-045, as well as HB/UR-066 would be the obvious choice. Keep me in the loop when you plan to visit HB9 land!

vy73, Peter