Palm key in offer‘mini-paddle’-von-palm-radio-1122339282/

I have seen it today in the morning. I don’t know if it’s okay to make such a hint here, because here is no fleemarket category

But many are looking for such a key. They are becoming rare. I already have 2 of them and don’t need one.

I don’t know the seller… I have no relationship to the seller.

73 Armin


As rare as Hen’s Teeth as we say over here Armin…

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Property of Graz Morse Code School:

I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t like to put that lot on Ebay; one every 2 months.
73 de OE6FEG

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And one recently went on e-bay UK for £157

If you have that many in the stock pile how much toilet paper you got. I am lucky to still have 2 paddles and 3 leads. Great key for SOTA.
vk5cz …


… Armin asked the question as he started the thread: Is it okay to post this info here?

I know people are still looking for those excellent keys from palm radio. There are two of them for sale. I tripped over the advertisement just this morning.
There is definitely no benefit for me, even though some may recognize Hannes’ call sign.

73, Roman

I was also lucky enough to find a 2nd Palm Paddle at a very cheap price, unused. Now if only I could find a Code Cube I would be very very happy :slight_smile:


It’s very good. But you may want to check out the N0XAS PicoKeyer. I bought a kit with case maybe 8 years back. It was simple to build, has 4 programmable memories, a speed control pot and is quite customisable to your needs.

The only complaint… it is meant to go in to deep sleep when you haven’t used it for a number of seconds and so there is no power switch. Mine seemed to be very thirsty and a 2032 lasted 4months of use just at weekends. I added a power switch to isolate the battery and the current cell has been in there for 4 years now. YMMV.

I’d buy another today if I needed another memory keyer.

Thanks for the info, have several memory keyers , the Code Cube just wanted to add to the Palm radio stable


Yes, fully understand. I never bought a Code Cube because I never expected Palm to stop trading and I had a working memory keyer so the Code Cube was a “luxury for one day in the future”.

That’s the problem when you let sense over rule sentiment. But it’s probably wise to be sensible or I’d have a Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS, a BMW 850csi (E31), a 365 GTC/4, a Fiat 130 Coupe and a massive second mortgage on the house and no pension savings.



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One for 100€ :