- /p /p tu

Today I had a CW qso with DL2FAZ/P, Sigrid, who was active on DM/HE-094.

I had been following her QSOs for a while and when she was strongly heard on QSB, I called her.

While waiting and listening, I kept hearing a rather faint HB9…/p call… : /p /p

When she heard me loudly and it was my turn, I said goodbye by saying: - /p /p tu

No idea if Sigrid perceived this in the way I intended, but a little later the QSO was with the /p station.

Shortly before I had thought about how I could best convey the information that a /p station was calling in cw in a short and clear way.
In SSB this is no problem… there one simply says that a S2S station calls.

I will, if there is again such a situation simply again send:
Hyphen /p /p tu

How do you do it?

73 Armin


Here in NA not many use /p. We send ‘S2S’. If I hear ‘S2S’ then I call back ‘S2S?’ which is the signal for chasers to be quiet and let the S2S station call me. This usually works very well.

When I was in Iceland I had a few S2S and didn’t realize at the time they were S2S. I think sending ‘S2S’ is better than signing with /p. It isn’t uncommon for me to work other portable stations who are not on a summit (lots of POTA activity), so I can’t assume that anyone signing /p is on a SOTA.

Update: I misunderstood the original post. What I would probably send is: “S2S calling U”. But this might not work in EU as well as it would work here in NA. Everyone here knows ‘S2S’ - it’s become a ‘prosign’ here like ‘AS’ or ‘BK’.


“Use the Qcode Luke” as Obi-wan said in Star Wars.

‘DL2FAZ/P de DL5GCA QSX? HB9???/P K’



pse lsn /p (pse lsn /p)
73 tu


On CWyou could use the Q code. QRZ (you are being called by…… ) in this case. “QRZ /p”. I’m not sure a lot of hams would understand it though as I hear many hams using just. QRZ to ask if anyone is calling them.