OZ/PA9CW/p SOTA by bicycle.

Next week I will travel from Oosterhout to Skagen in OZ by bicycle. My main goal is to make some distance for training Paris-Brest-Paris 2019. I will travel about 100 á 125 km a day. Never been in OZ, so I take some HF gear with me. But it will be vy vy light. The KX1 or MTR 3 and a 4 meter pole, antenne will be a EFHW 40/30/20. Battery powered by penlights. So maybe 1 or 2 W out.
On my route to Skagen there will be 6 SOTA summits. It will be:
OZ/OZ-001 : is accessible by bike. Found on Google Maps.
OZ/OZ-003 : ?
OZ/OZ-004 : is accessible by bike. Found on Google Maps.
OZ/OZ-008 : is accessible by bike. Found on Google Maps.
OZ/OZ-012 : ?
OZ/OZ-007 : ?

Does anyone know if the other summits are accessible by bike ? Or accessible via a small walk ? I don’t want to leave my bicycle to long behind. You never know…


73, Tonnie de PA9CW.


Hello Tonnie.
The Oz summits are not extrem sport.
OZ-1- Table and benk ready for you. Easy Access.Was here today.
OZ-3 This is inside a Wood. You can get there from several directions. Path or roads all way. If bisycle has normal rubber you be all right.’
OZ-4 A noicy dog always come at me when passing industry building. I dont like it big dog. You do not need to og to TV Tower to activate. Was here to day. Dog also.
OZ-8 Trig point can suport antenna mast. road for bisycle all the way.
OZ-12 into Wood on small road.
OZ-7 800m into Wood on small road. Table and bench .

73 de OZ/LA1KHA Kjell



May I wish you every success for PBP 2019. Its a great event to be a part of.
(Audax UK)

Hello Tonnie

I wish you a good staying power in the PBP 2019…but first a beautiful time in OZ!

Almost every year I go for a bike holiday … and sometimes I do a summit by mountainbike.

Hope to get you as OZ/PA9CW/P

73 Armin

Dear Kjell

Thanks for the nice info. That’s very good to hear. Maybe we will work on one of the summits.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW

Hi Andy,

thanks for the wishes. It sure is a great event. The LEL 2017 was not a succes. I had to stop after about 950 km. Nice to read here on the forum that there are more “Audax people” :slight_smile: -)

73, Tonnie de PA9CW


Thanks, i will enjoy my stay in OZ. Maybe we will work from one of the summits. I will place an alert on the web.
After OZ tour i will enjoy PBP. I hope to finish the ride, in good health. Just like in 2015.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW

These summits are also accessible by bike:
OZ/OZ-009 recommended, nice view, picnic table on summit
OZ/OZ-010 neither view nor infrastructure
OZ/OZ-005 Møn island, the real summit is a cycle-on, has a nice view and is approx 500 m west of the SOTA co-ordinates. Camping site nearby, SW of the summit.


According to DHM terrain model (LIDAR-derived) it is bang-on. Careful, as 500m west would take you outside of the AZ:

Sri, 250 m. At least it feels like the point of highest elevation. :wink:

Hi Pom.

You are exactly right! That’s where I think it is too. What you have revealed is that the tweaks we made to the positions (also some elevations) in 2016 somehow hadn’t made it to the DB. :scream:

We’ll get that fixed shortly.



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Thanks for the info about OZ/OZ-009, 010 and 005. But those summits are not quit on my route. Maybe 009 is a little off the route and could be done. But I’m not sure about that. Maybe when I have enough time left.
This will be my planned route. If all goes wel…

73 Tonnie de PA9CW

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Another Rando here. I am new to SOTA but a long-time mountaintopper in British Columbia. I did PBP in 1999 and 2003. I have not cycled in Denmark but remember the ‘Dane Train’ at PBP! I’ve cycled the full length of the LF1 route several times.

BTW has anyone here heard of Jack Eason G3RVQ ? Jack Eason | Willesden Cycling Club and
STRUGGLIN' - a Profile of Jack Eason - Tim Wainwright