Overseas activation


Just noticed a spot for an activation of a Norway summit by a
UK intermediate licensee.
Have I missed something, or do you still need a full licence to
operate overseas?

Kind regards

Can’t remember who it was but someone recently managed to get permission by asking the Norwegian authorities nicely.


Thanks for that! You learn something new every day!

Best 73

Hi Dave,
We tend to think about the easy CEPT up to 3-month visitors permission that can be used without applying for a physical reciprocal licence and at no cost. This works under the CEPT agreement TR 61/01 between all countries that have signed up. This only covers full licence holders. There is a second similar arrangement REC0506 under that agreement for Novice class licence holders are covered (the CEPT Novice is the equivalent of the Intermediate licence in the UK) but Ofcom UK have not signed this agreement and hence it doesn’t apply to UK Intermediate licence holders.

As Sara points out however direct contact with the licencing authority in the country that you want to visit, may come up with a way of getting a temporary equivalent licence even if you don’t have a full licence. This uses the specific inter-country agreements that are still in place that existed before the CEPT agreement came along. This approach takes longer and is a chargeable action as paperwork and checks are required and this does not apply to all countries. If you are from the UK and don’t have a full licence - it is always worth asking but do so as long before your planned trip as possible as the application may take a long time to be processed.

73 Ed.


Hi Ed,

Many thanks for the detailed reply.

Best 73