Outd Log by HB9GVC

Hello Friends.
I used this application for many years and I coudn’t work SOTA without it.
While few months I noticed the cluster option is off and it was a real nice help for s2s.
Any idea why ? is any issue to use it again ?
Thanks for your help.
73 Roger


Before, during the recording of a QSO, the respondent’s first name appeared. It was a fun feature.
Are there any obstacles for this functionality to come back ??

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It’s ok for me

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Well … mhmm …
It doesn’t work for me.

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Androïd or iOS ? Here iPhone.

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Android :frowning:

Hello Jacek @sq9mdn I had the same problem some time ago. I cleared the app cache and the name display was fine again.

No spots are displayed in the app for me either (Android OutDlog).

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Try to update the file “names.csv” in SETTINGS / NAMES CSV IMPORT. Use the URL https://hb9sota.ch/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/names.csv

HB9EAJ is maintaining the list of the names …


Hi Roger,
This is a paid App (even on Android), so why not contact the author - perhaps he hasn’t changed to the latest API format or something?

If you don’t get a reply, try a deinstall / reinstall action (you shouldn’t be asked to pay again) and often this can fix various problems.

By the way, this thread probably should be in the “Third Party Software” sub-group of online resources.

73 Ed.

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I already know how to do it.
Thank you Roger for motivating me to look in the settings. You have to manually download the name list. The weakest link is always man and his laziness.

edit: Martin OE5REO Danke/Thank you

You wrote and I was “fumbling” in the settings at that time.


It seems that the cluster function is no longer working with this app. I have the same problem since some time (iPhone). Hope that the developer Thomas Ziegler, HB9GVC is aware of it. I have not yet contacted him.

Could’t do an activation without OutD Log…
Cheers, Chris

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Thanks Ed.
I paid many years ago, I tried to contact the author by the way without any answer. For sure i’m not alone :wink:
I did it (desinstall / install) and now same trouble than Jacek and now cluster.

73 Roger


he is registered here … so let’s give it a try … @hb9gvc


Danke Martin.
List is uploaded → All is right.
Cluster link … ?

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This for me was the best logging app ever. I gave it a 5 star review. However for the past few months the spots have not shown. I tried contacting the author but got no reply. I even tried leaving a note on the App Store (Android).

When it works it is amazing. You can see who you have already worked as you go. For S2S it avoided double working.

I have tried cache reloading and uninstall/reinstall, nothing. The name database function is still working for me.

A brillant feature is you can export a CSV file and upload on the hill. I often upload before I am back at the car.

I do hope we can persuade the developer to fix it. Or even release it as open source?


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Thomas HB9GVC has not logged in to this reflector for over a year.


Hello, same problems with the apps on Iphone. Where OutdLog is connected to see the spots ?? On the SOTA cluster ??? If yes, Andy can you log on the cluster and see if there is any errors ?
73 Nico

Hi Friends,

I have the same issue.
I sent e-mai to Thomas.
I will let you know his answer here.

73, Jarek


Hello all.

As the spots in outdlog are not anymore working, I switched to vk port a log a few months ago (Android)
The spotting in vkport a log is working great, the other functionalities are equivalent/better vs outdlog. It means that the learning curve is very fast, if you used outdlog before.
Vkportalog is creating one log per day. Working well for multiple activations the same day. Vkportalog is creating CSV and adif files easy to upload.

73 de Pierre F5MOG


This issue happened before. See the post by Andy:

But I guess it is an issue in the app itself that is not closing the SSO sessions or reactivating them properly.

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