Out of band or not

Just seen this on the Sota watch spot page

Sun 13:17 OE1GTU/P on OE/BL-020 14.344 ssb
out of the band! all chasers also! license to erase… (Posted by SP9AMH

Question is he out of band or not
Far as I can see limit is 14350 for us here in UK at least

He’s on 14344 leaving 6kc spare, now to me you don’t put out more than 3kc either side in audio there for he,s only reaching by rights 14347/8 still with in the band spectrum.

So what you reckon then folks.


Hello Karl,

Out all day -only been home about 30 minutes so not a clue about what has been happening :wink:

You are right the Region 1 band edge is 14.350Mhz. I and others, subject to radio, can set their transmit bandwidth, here it is 2.8. I would not transmit within 1.5 kc of the band edge.

That said the SP station is within Region 1 so I do not know why such a comment was made…

Rain has finally stopped here.

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I was my mistake! Band is to 14.350 so on usb to 14.347
Vy 73 de Mariusz

Thanks mike
Personal would stay away by 3kc then know not out of band


Didn’t know you preferred AM Karl :wink:


SSB (J3E) is amplitude modulation :slight_smile:

With one crucial difference Pete, it isn’t “either” side, there is about 60dB difference…

Or perhaps DSB-SC… I wish this rain would stop…


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Its just stopped here!

I often hear hams on 7200, legal but really cutting it fine!


It was clear this morning in the East, but wet in Mid Wales. Now its non-stop In the East, which is contradictory to what the Rain Radar said it was going to do.

Monday might be clear to head West up Cadair Idris, but I am not holding my breath. Lightening is scary stuff, especially up there.

60m is terrible for out-of band transmissions.


Not within UK license at all Brian unless I have missed something. Still waiting to hear what the new 6m square you got the other day - you never replied on the other thread!

No rain so now off to pick and dig the evening meal veggies.


Wall to wall sunshine and pleasantly warm (ie over 20 C) but a little on the humid side for the xyl (I love a humid climate - weird, moi?)

Definitely not here, wish it was though. Humid - Its OK.


Sorry! JN75, I’ve nearly filled that field in, other than the wet squares. It’s a long time since I got a new field, KM keeps eluding me, I guess I’ll have to do something drastic with the antennas! The funny thing is that I had a GW0GHF wire antenna before the beam and I’ll swear it was better. C’est la vie…

By the way, it isn’t UK hams I hear on 7200, I don’t know what their regulations say, pretty much the same as ours, I guess.


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7.200 is OK if using LSB
73 de Mariusz

Here in Canada we have SSB privileges on 40m from 7.040 to 7.300, so perhaps it was one of us you heard…not that we’ve heard any G callsigns over here for the past 6 weeks :smile:

I guess this would depend on the USB rejection, any USB in the signal would be in the BC band, and there is always some…

Bill, if I even heard a VE on forty I would be over the moon! No, these guys (I have heard them several times) were speaking in what sounded like German, although like many Brits I’m a bit of a duffer with languages!


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What is this rain you speak of? Wall to wall (hazy) blue sky here, hot (for Scotland) and very windy but the wind is warm. WX forecast for mountains suggested upland gales and 70mph gusts, it was blustery on East Cairn Hill but not bad, I’ve been out in much worse wind. Jack GM4COX was on Dungavel which is the same kind of height as East Cairn Hill and he measured the shade temperature as 19.5C at 500+ metres ASL. That’s hot!

Think I am just being a wimp Andy… Although it did turn from blue skies to a torrential down pour in ~20 mins on Cadair Berwyn the other day with the usual poor visibility. Not good on a unique summit perhaps.

Looking good for tomorrow, just hope the bands stay open.


Worry not, it is heading your way! It is already into Galloway and you will probably get it before morning - oh, and it is sparking off thunderstorms, there is one now tracking up the east side of LD. I’m happy, I don’t have to water my runner beans tonight!


The good thing about living on the east side of North Yorkshire this last week is that it has only rained in the late evenings and overnight.

73 Phil