Out of band or not

Good morning Brian, thanks for info. It confirms the area/ops that I heard in fragments rather than worked. My gaps are JP area ;(

Yes, I’m pretty patchy in that field although I was lucky enough to get Aaland Is with 5 watts to my wire antenna several years ago. Hopefully SOTA activations will help gradually.

I see the next burst of rain is edging this way! :angry:


it’s already here, been here all morning :frowning:


Or from VK (Australia) - they have 7-7.3, however after dark 7.2 - 7.3 (and sometimes parts of 7.1 - 7.2) are filled with commercial asian broadcast stations!


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I guess in the southwest you get the bad weather first - and the following good weather first, too! It seems to be sliding past and my QTH is just under the fringe of it so I’m getting just the occasional flurry of drizzle.


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[quote=“DD5LP, post:24, topic:11455”]filled with commercial asian broadcast stations![/quote]Yeah, there are similar issues in Africa, too; after dark 7.1MHz and up fills with AM broadcasts. There’s also quite a bit of pirate activity on the band day and night…

[quote=“M3FEH, post:23, topic:11455”]been here all morning[/quote]Not quite sure when it started this morning, but it has now stopped. The garden pond is at least an inch deeper than it was yesterday.

(Edit: Of course, the moment I posted that, it started raining again…)

My geraniums are not liking this over damp weather.
Been so wet down here, even the farmers not got in there Wheat crops yet and its turning black in the fields as it stands. Not good.

Been a very very wet Cornwall this August