"Operator not recognised"

Title says it all. When I post alerts, I notice that the ‘black square’ of information says that the operator isn’t recongised. I’m sure it worked before we moved to the new platform and I appear to have entered my credentials into all the right boxes -

So any ideas please?

David P

So I guess if you check in Update Profile that your first name is in?



In that case it is strange. There was a bug with that effect but that is fixed since weeks as far as I observed.
What happens if you edit the alert? Any change after that?

73 Joe

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Hi Joe.

I’ve just gone back to the sotadata.org page and yes, my first name is in the correct box (with the red, *.

I also wondered whether it was because my callsign is listed as M6GYU and not M6GYU/P - so I changed it to M6GYU/P and posted an alert a minute or two later - and I still got the same message, “Operator not recognised”


I’ve just posted test alerts on both the development and production SW3 instances and it shows the name of “David” for either M6GYU or M6GYU/P. What user are you logging in under?

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HI Andrew & Joe

All appears `OK now. On my profile on sota data I looked at my profile and I’d entered M6gyu as my callsign without the /P. I changed it. I did post a test alert immediately after and it still said operator not recognised. But perhaps it took longer than a few minutes to get into the system.

I’ve just posted a test alert and it now shows my name. So I’m quite happy.

Thanks for the help - I do appreciate it!

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It would require the SSO token to be reissued, either by logging out and back in, or waiting for expiry (which is relatively short - 5 mins or so)

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Not that it really matters, but I’ve just posted an alert for a Scottish summit next month requiring me to use the Scottish prefix, I note that my name isnt showing in the alert, just ‘operator not recognised’. I have filled in the Alternative Call sign box in the SSO page as MM1BUU. Is there something I’m missing?


My details just have the MM and MW alternative callsigns, there are no /P versions and I don’t get any warnings about not being recognised. Which is what you’ve found, the /P is not needed.

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There is no MM1BUU registered when the system looks up the name of the user. It doesn’t support the strange way UK callsigns work. The alternative callsign fields are a hangover from earlier code and they are no longer used.

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Ah, OK, thanks for the explanation Andy. No problem!

73, Colin

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So a “work-around” would be to register accounts for our calls with the regional locators included and never use them but just post alerts from our main accounts as usual and let the system find the username using it’s internal magic.

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No. Registering multiple SSO accounts gets you banned.

Its too early on a Sunday for hyperbole!


Yes, I did work out that possibility, but I was aware of the single account policy.

Its no big deal, I can add ‘Op - Colin’ to Alert and also to self spot. Chasers might be kind enough to add name in any spot too.

In reality I’m likely to be wanting quick QSOs, so name is superfluous anyway. I’m sure my usual CW chasers will be able to work out who I am.

73, Colin