One Day Like This a Year...

I think the engineering term you want Fraser is “bit of”. As in I used a bit of wire for the antenna.



I’m gonna use that in every report going forward. :+1:

Great pictures & report Fraser @MM0EFI

These Scotland reports make me want to move up there sooner…can you do one about the rain though to balance things out? :wink:

73, Simon.

And the midges.


Hi Simon, I had “hail in a gale” chase me off the top of Stac Pollaidh GM/NS-086, in July after only 2 QSO’s if that helps redress the balance ! There were no midges though.


Wonderful report and photographs, many thanks.

I activated two very minor summits this week. One was literally a drive-on with no walking required. It was satisfying to qualify the summit but that was about it. The next summit was a 30 minute walk from the car but it was a much more satisfying experience. I had the summit to myself, unlike the previous summit, and with no great time pressure I could enjoy the radio work. It did, as you remark, clear the head and leave me in a better place.


We live on the dry side of the country, in the rain shadow of the Cairngorms. Colder winters and warmer summers too.

I think I saw one this summer. They are fewer midges over this side of the country.

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Just as well John, as you were wearing a bow tie.


Here’s my entry for the SOTA Oscars. All mountain and sky. No chat.


I don’t watch videos as a rule - but your promise of mountains, sky and no commentary convinced me to give it a look. Very glad I did.

What a beautiful world we operate in.


But your talking left boot had enough to say Fraser, hi! Great video, thanks.

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The start of the video made me jump and look on the desk to see what was making the racket… :woozy_face:

I haven’t watched the rest yet but I will do later on. Just recovered from the shock.

I enjoyed the video. You had no need for a commentary - it was self explanatory. A long day out too.


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That is a 25 year old Scarpa Manta Rob. They don’t make them like that any more!

Matt, We are the most privileged amateur radio operators on the planet.

These are the best mountain days, aren’t they?


Very true :+1::+1:

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