OK/KR harvest and times gone by

I am quite new to SOTA and really wanted to check my endurance on the [in]famous chain of summits in the OK/KR region. I was planning to do it over two days before the end of the year but took the quick decision for obvious reasons to take a day off and set off for a mid-week SOTA adventure in the region…

It all went well - I activated 11 x 10-pointers and made 168 contacts accross 20m and 40m and 9 S2S. The hike lasted 14h (5.30z > 19.30z) and I covered 37.6km with an outrageous 984m cumulative elevation gain.

A big thanks to all the chasers who followed me (and encouraged me!) during this very long day (@G0RQL, @EA2DT, @G4OBK, @OK2PDT to name a few).

I hope this thread is not pourring too much more oil on the controversial topic of the moment :slight_smile:

Some pictures on facebook:


It was a good shot… this is my log now after those 11 activations in a single day :wink:


It’s about feeling when something is not (very) kosher.

I haven’t looked at a map of the region, but before I do, I must ask you if you are an ex olympic long distance runner? I can and have walked long distances over short periods of time, but I’m not sure there’s anywhere or anyone who could manage to find 11 X 10 point summits in the UK and activate the lot in less than 24 hours!. I certainly couldn’t!

Well done to you.!!

I am no runner at all… it was still a long day though!