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Thought this would be a good place to ask!

A musician colleague’s daughter is doing the Three Peaks Challenge - GM/WS-001, G/LD-001 & GW/NW-001 this weekend.

One of the three accompanying mountain leaders has pulled out last minute meaning they can’t go ahead unless they find another one. She, and her colleagues, are raising money for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation in which they work with deprived communities across Yorkshire.

Can anyone on here help me point her in the right direction so she can try and salvage the event?

What about Barry M0IML not worked him for a while and do believe he is back in the Wales area and back to mountain climbing.
Sorry but don’t have an email for him now but possibly Allan GW4VPX may know his whereabouts. Don.

I think they were looking for someone to join them from Leeds for the whole itinerary. However looking at the forecast for Ben Nevis I’ve suggested to them that cancellation and rescheduling for summer next year does indeed look a better option. I think they’re going to go with that!

Just had a word with Barry M0IML. Although now back leading all over the world he is unfortunately not available. Rather surprised that the other MLs have not been able to come up with a replacement. He did suggest going to Find a leader.

73 Allan

Reading between the lines, it looks to me that the ML running the event - who was the one that dropped out - probably had one eye on the forecast! He did later add that he didn’t think the wx was appropriate - and this could be why replacement MLs were not sought.

My friend’s daughter messaged me earlier to ask me if I thought that the wx was just being used as an excuse. I immediately replied to say she would be best advised to trust him at his word. I then looked up the forecast for the Ben and confirmed that cancellation would be my advice too.

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They are forecasting up to 100 mm of rain on Saturday for parts of Wales and Northern England, I don’t think we’ll see many spots for those areas Saturday!

I’ve got a gig Saturday. So you will see one for “QRV in 10 minutes” as I make a run for it from the car!

You could try posting on one of the forums on UKC Forums - Hilltalk There’s plenty of qualified folk on it and professional moun tain guides… You may even hit lucky and get someone whose doing the ML pre - assessment and needs some “Quality Mountain Days” for his experience before final assessment.

I’m pretty sure they’re following the advice to cancel. The end of October seemed an unusual time for a 3PC to me anyway.