This year’s OE5 SOTA DAY and also the ALL OE SOTA ACTIVITY DAY
will take place on Saturday, September 18th. More details will follow soon …

73 Martin, OE5REO


Hello Martin.

Thanks for the reminder about the OE SOTA Day. May I ask if you know if another SOTA activity day (International/European) is planned as already in 2020?

I mean that last year it was held together with the OE SOTA Day.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


As far as I can see from the HB9SOTA site the European SOTA Day is to be held on the same day as well!

73, Sylvia


Hello Sylvia.

Thanks for the tip about HB9SOTA. I found the date in the annual programm.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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We will hold this year’s OE5 SOTA DAY on Saturday, September 18, 2021 in the region Bad Ischl. The plan is to activate summits in the Salzkammergut area. Please post your planned activations on SOTAwatch and try to spread out to different summits.

After the activations we will have the chance to visit the mediumwave radio Museumsradio 1476 in Bad Ischl. If you are interested please let me know via E-Mail or PM.

At 1600 LT we will then gather at Gasthof zur Wacht for food and drinks …

Gasthof zur Wacht
Schöffaustraße 2
5350 Strobl

Anybody interested in SOTA is welcome to join the fun!

73 Martin, OE5REO


Thank you for the organization Martin!
Is the visit to the Museum planned at a specific time, or can we come&go any time? (i would prefer to visit it close to the gathering after the activations)


Fun Fact: despite not knowing where the food+drinks-gathering will be, i picked the closest summit a few weeks ago, yay!

Wow that’s some mountain in the photo

Hi Daniel,

it’s not really a museum but a radiostation that is on-air every day from 10-22 on mediumwave 1476khz. The owner is Reinhard, OE5TPM and it is located only a few 100 meters away from the restaurant.

No time scheduled so far … but I think we will be visiting the radiostation as a group around 1500 LT.

I will add you to the list of participants!

73 Martin, OE5REO

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That must be the “Sparber”, OE/SB-258.


On Sep 18 the roads around the lake Attersee (B151 and B152) are closed for all traffic from 12.00 - about 18.00h local time for a bicycle race. Take care when planning your trip to/from OE5-SOTA-Acitvities.

73 Heinz


Our OE5 SOTA DAY will take place in less than 2 weeks … it seems that only german speaking hams are planing to take part … so please forgive me, but i will continue in german!

Der Zeitplan für unseren OE5 SOTA TAG 2021
Samstag, 18. September 2021

10:00 - 15:00 LT
SOTA-Aktivierungen je nach Lust und Laune

15:00 - 16:00 LT
Besuch beim MW-Sender Museumsradio 1476
Anmeldung bitte per PM oder E-Mail

16:00 - ??:?? LT
Treffen beim Gasthaus zur Wacht
(Teilnahme nur mit gültigem 3G-Nachweis)

Auf zahlreiche Teilnahme freut sich

Martin, OE5REO
SOTA Regionalmanager für OE5


You are wrong. It is not only German speaking. We here also plan some activity.

73, Igor UA9CDC


Hello Igor and sorry for my previous, maybe a bit misleading post. I know that a lot of activity is going on on the 18th of September all over the world (and not only in OE5).

But I was talking about the meeting of sota-activators and chasers after the activations here in OE5 at a restaurant in the Salzkammergut region, I gave some information (time schedule) for all hams that are planning to attend the meeting.

Good luck with your activation on the 18th! Hope to work you S2S!

73 Martin, OE5REO

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Nice … I will also participate :+1:t2:

No problems Martin. Will look for you S2S. Sorry about not being able to join your restaurant meeting :smile: May be sometime in the future…

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Igor, many thanks for the QSO!

the weather forecast for saturday looks nice …
der wetterbericht für samstag schaut gut aus …

a lot of stations will be active in the salzkammergut region …
viele stationen werden von der salzkammergut region qrv sein …

a nice live view over the summits in the area of this year’s OE5 SOTA DAY …
ein schöner blick über die berge in der region vom heurigen OE5 SOTA TAG …

looking forward to saturday … vy73 de martin, oe5reo
freue mich schon auf den samstag … vy73 de martin, oe5reo

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Hallo Sota Aktivierer,

ich freue mich auf viele Summit to Summit.

Ich werde auf 40/20/10m SSB von DM/BM-135 aus QRV sein.

Hoffentlich klappt ein Shortskip von Franken nach OE. Gerne natürlich auch zu allen anderen S2S Stationen und Chasern.

Gruß Michael


I almost missed it!
Fortunately I took my SOTA backpack on the QRL trip to OE2 and will be on the air too :wink:
Will activate Drachenwand OE/OO-411 , looking forward to mni S2S!

73! Tom, OE9TKH/P

Hope to hear and meet you again Tom. Don’t get fooled at the Drachenwand. The summit at the end of the via ferrata is not the SOTA summit. You need to scrample up on an more or less defined path to the real summit.

73 Joe