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Thank you Joe for the information! I´ll take one of the two tracks that OE5EEP provided.
Hope that we can meet at the restaurant afterwards! 73!


Thank you OE5 SOTA Friends,
Only one of you is in my S2S log of today but it is always better than nothing :wink:
I hope to attend the event next year to see you all again.

73, Jarek SP9MA (today OK8MA)

Tnx all for qso‘a … was a great day … many s2s

DD6FM - Marco


Sorry, I could not start earlier and so sorry I could not join the event in OE5. Two OE5 stns in my log. OE5JKL on OE/SB-216, 170 km 2 m FM and OE5TSO lumbering in the woods.
wkd 9A, HA, OM, OE all on 2 m FM. Still waiting for a 2 m FM contact with SP… ODX 9A/ZH-002 201 km, well it’s not a contest. my summit: OE/ST-127. Strong an cold winds. I was afraid that my cheeks will fall off my face, hi
Have a nice evening cu, 73 Martin

Dear OE operators, it was great to catch some of you along this marvelous day! Maybe some among you can be encouraged to operate on the newly opened 60 m band, despite the noise on it. 60 can offer great contacts between us neighbors where 40 or 20 fail.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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Hello all.

It was an exciting day today. Many stations were QRV. I also managed to get some s2s QSOs to OE :+1: :goat:. That made me very happy. See you again next year at the latest :slight_smile:


73 Marcel DM3FAM


Hi Everyone,

First of all many thanks to OE Team for running this annual event.

I took part last year, so it was given that I participated this year too. I really enjoy this event and already booked weekend for 2022 :slight_smile:

I managed only 2 OE S2S stations, let’s hope that next year will be higher number. Had a fantastic day despite poor weather. I was very glad that I decided to take a tent with me.

73 de Marek SP9TKW


This years OE5-SOTA-Day was a lot of fun! The weather was fine and the bands were full of signals. I logged 28 S2S QSOs in about 3 hours of operation, which tells a lot about activity!

Looking forward to next year’s event!
73, Heinz, OE5EEP/P


Just as Heinz said there was a lot going on. 25 out of my 46 QSO were S2S (in about 2,5 hours).

On HF when a pile-up of S2S calls is happening you know activators all over Europe are active.

2m FM was buzzing in the area around Bad Ischl. Later for the dinner a lot of activator, chasers and guests from the local radio club gave a great opportunity to chat and have a good time together.
Activators from OE7 tyrol and Bavaria managed to join the meeting despite the situation.

I am sure we will see the group picture in the next days or hours.

Until next year :star_struck:
73 Joe


It was a great Event. Thanks for all QSO´s

73 Michael
QSO List

10:25 HB9GUX/P 40m SSB S2S HB/NE-001
10:27 OK2GXX 40m SSB
10:28 ON3TDZ 40m SSB
10:29 SQ9RZA 40m SSB
10:29 G0FEX 40m SSB
10:30 SQ7CGN 40m SSB
10:30 SQ9NOT 40m SSB
10:30 EA2DT 40m SSB
10:30 2E0ESY 40m SSB
10:30 SQ9MDF 40m SSB
10:32 IA5/OE6ADE/P 40m SSB S2S I/TO-080
10:34 OE6GND 40m SSB
10:34 MW0JKS 40m SSB S2S GW/NW-012
10:35 IZ1JKH 40m SSB
10:35 2E0WDX/M 40m SSB
10:36 SQ9BQW/P 40m SSB S2S SP/BZ-033
10:37 OZ/YO6SM/P 40m SSB S2S OZ/OZ-012
10:38 OE6END/P 40m SSB S2S OE/ST-287
10:39 DK4VF 40m SSB M27
10:39 OE6STD/P 40m SSB S2S OE/ST-230
10:41 M1FHM/P 40m SSB S2S GW/NW-044
10:48 I6DBE 40m SSB
10:50 EA2CKX 40m SSB
10:51 S56VIX/P 40m SSB S2S S5/TK-035
10:51 HB0/HB9FUE 40m SSB S2S HB0/LI-009
10:53 M0TAV 40m SSB
10:56 I1WKN/P 40m SSB S2S I/PM-515
10:57 PE9E 40m SSB
10:57 M0WID 40m SSB
10:59 DF4SR 40m SSB
10:59 G4AFI 40m SSB
11:00 OZ8QS 40m SSB
11:01 S52CU 40m SSB
11:02 DK1DW 40m SSB
11:14 G0UXC 40m SSB
11:14 DB7LG 40m SSB
11:16 9A3ST/P 40m SSB S2S 9A/ZH-002
11:16 UW8SM 40m SSB
11:17 DG1NPM 40m SSB
11:18 SQ9PPW/P 40m SSB S2S SP/BZ-002
11:19 OK4KOP 40m SSB
11:19 9A6CW 40m SSB S2S 9A/DH-094
11:23 SA4BLM 40m SSB
11:24 F5IET 40m SSB
11:28 SP9TKW/P 40m SSB S2S SP/BZ-057
11:30 EA3HP 40m SSB
11:30 EA3EBJ 40m SSB
11:33 SQ9IUB/P 40m SSB
11:37 F4HTV/P 40m SSB FF-2257
11:40 SQ9PPW/P 40m SSB S2S SP/BZ-002
11:46 YO6PIB 20m SSB S2S YO/MC-055
11:49 SV3IEG/P 20m SSB S2S SV/ST-061
11:53 EA7GV 20m SSB
11:54 CS7AUC 20m SSB
11:54 EA2IF 20m SSB
11:55 TF/HB9GKR/P 20m SSB S2S TF/NL-158
11:57 DL6FBK/P 20m SSB S2S DM/HE-499
11:58 EA1DHB 20m SSB
11:59 DL2KL/P 20m SSB S2S DM/BM-028
12:00 EC1AIJ 20m SSB
12:00 CT2HOV/P 20m SSB S2S CT/BL-004
12:11 HB0/HB9EVF/P 20m SSB S2S HB0/LI-009
12:17 SP9TKW/P 20m SSB S2S SP/BZ-057
12:19 OH3GZ 20m SSB
12:19 CT7/HB9BXQ 20m SSB
12:20 SVIRVI/P 20m SSB S2S SV/PL-118
12:21 SV1RVJ/P 20m SSB S2S SV/PL-118
12:26 CT2IQK/P 20m SSB S2S CT/MN-019
12:41 OE4ENU/P 20m SSB S2S OE/BL-020
12:59 OE9TKH/P 40m SSB S2S OE/SB-448
13:04 OE5HDN 40m SSB
13:05 HB9DIZ/P 40m SSB S2S HB/NW-017
13:07 PA1MLG 40m SSB
13:08 HB9PMF/P 40m SSB
13:09 OE6BID/P 40m SSB S2S OE/ST-228
13:11 DJ2MX/P 40m SSB S2S DL/CG-094
13:12 OE6PID/P 40m SSB S2S OE/ST-228
13:15 DD0VE 40m SSB
13:17 IN2ADF/P 40m SSB S2S I/LO-035
13:18 OE3EDS 40m SSB
13:23 MW0JKS/P 40m SSB S2S GW/NW-012

Hello everyone,

Martin OE5REO has asked me to share the group picture.

Thanks and congrats to all participants.
Thanks to Sylvia, Martin and everyone contributing to make this event a success :+1:

73 Joe


Once again it was a great event!

This time I stayed for nearly 6 hours on HB/SO-005, which was not as long as the last time, but definitely long enough :wink:

The resulting number of QSOs using SSB on HF and FM on VHF were 90 of which were 49 unique S2S.

Unfortunately, I worked no OE5 station but only two OE stations, both on 40m made it in my log: OE7AJT/P and OE9TKH/P. Probably both were worked on ground wave, since I could also hear some OE stations on 2m FM. For Austria in general, 60m would have worked much more reliable.

The contacts for the 4th 9A SOTA Activity Day, organized by @9A2GA were three (two on 40m and one on 20m): 9A3GVD/P, 9A3ST/P and 9A6CW/P.

The contacts for the CT SOTA National Day, organized by @CT1HIX, were four (all on 20m): CT2GSN/P, CT2HOV/P, CT2IQK/P and CT2IWW/P.

The weather was foggy, but towards the end of my stay it got sunny …

… and sometimes I could see the Bernese Alp mountains between the clouds on the horizon.

On 2m FM, by using a telescopic EFHW antenna, I had problems with intermittent blocking/QRM, but I could not see any antenna around me, and the closest one seemed more than 2km away, according the official Swiss OFCOM map. But the pager transmitters are missing on this map.

On 17m, I had a very interesting QSO with HB9DRW who was using a 60dB! amplifier (1mW in → 1kW out) from home. On his QRZ.com page you can see his fancy Swiss military Zellweger amplifier.

The furthest station I worked was @HB9GKR/P in Iceland (2500km), but compared to about 10 days ago, the signal was very weak.

In general, I had the impression that the conditions improved towards the later afternoon, from bad to OK, IMHO. For example, I had problems to hear @CT2HOV/P on 20m, until 14:26z, which was my last QSO.

As already mentioned by @HB9DIZ, the only band that worked reliable for close-by stations was 60m. Therefore, if you want to increase the number of S2S contacts, just activate on this very interesting band.

I will definitely try to attend the next event. Thank you very much to the organizers!

73 Stephan


Thanks to the organizers of this nice event.
Jorge EA2LU and I planned for an activation on Saturday to catch many S2S.

Weather forecast was not the best, but we encouraged to do the activation.

On the approach by car it was raining a bit. Anyway we decided to go on.
The climb was mostly under the rain, but we were motivated and kept on, despite the path was bad and muddy.

When we arrived in the summit we had a small break and could set the antenna up.
Jorge started his HF activation and I couldn’t move apart, but kept holding my small umbrella so that he could run and qualify.
He just logged 9 qso in a hurry in 8 minutes, including S2S with SO9TA/P and 9A6CW/P. He had to go QRT when we saw lots of water drops over his KX2 !

I couldn’t install my aerial but grabbed my VHF handheld and called from under the umbrella. I was luccky to log 7 stations this way; unfortunatelly no S2S this time…

We stood with patience under the umbrella, and after 40 minutes of heavy rain there was a brief pause that we used to pack and leave the summit, going back with care to the car trying not to slide and fall on the mud.
Our boots were heavier, surrounded by sticky mud.

A pity we couldn’t meet our target and participate for longer, but this is part of the adventure in the wild, doesn’t it?

Next year hopefully will be better.
73 de Ignacio and Jorge.


I broke my record of the longest time spent on a summit (about 4h30)! Yes, my dog wasn’t impressed… I had to give he short breaks from time to time (she tends to get a bit nervous when people come out of nowhere so has to be kept on a leash).

I chose a summit with a shelter, SP/SS-010 (Stożek Wielki)… that was a great idea as the WX was far from ideal.

I made 79 contacts including 23 S2S (only one OE :frowning: ) across 60/40/30/20m with my newly acquired KX2 (second activation only) running 10W on both CW and SSB.

The KX2 is a very nice beast, quite an improvement from the FT818 that I was using up until now. I also chased for the first time CW S2S and it was a bit easier that I thought (so far my CW S2Ses had been initiated by the other party).

All in all, it was great fun and I am looking forward to the next one!


Hi Romain,

Great result, chapeau bas !!!
Many tnx S2S :wink:

73, Jarek

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Hi Romain. Thanks for your report with fine photos. Glad you like the KX2 :grinning:

73 Geoff vk3sq

Ein sehr schönes Gruppenfoto.

Beste Grüße nach OE

Thanks for organizing this great event!

The weather was perfect with pleasant temperatures and sunshine throughout the day. It was amazing to meet so many friends either at their home station or out there on a summit :slight_smile:

The facts in a nutshell:

  • stayed on DM/BW-147 for about 7 hours but it felt much shorter
  • 110 QSOs, thereof 10 on 2m FM, 100 on HF, CW & some SSB
  • 51 S2S, thereof 41 uniques (worked some friends on more than one band and several groups on the same summit.)
  • 1 OE5 station and 3 OE S2S but none in OE5
  • 5 9A-stations, thereof 3 S2S
  • 3 CT-stations, thereof 1 S2S
  • DX: AB4PP and K4DY on 20m / 17m CW

FT3D @ 5 Watts into a 2m-J-Pole antenna on a 6m squid pole (left)
KX3 @ 10 Watts into an end-fed inverted Vee (h ~ 10m; l ~ 30 m; right)

Thanks for all the QSOs, it was lots of fun!
73, Roman


Hi Roman,

Chapeau bas !!!
Tnx S2S :wink:

73, Jarek


Thanks S2S, Jarek, and sorry I didn’t recognize your call sign (OK8MA) at once :wink:

73 and hpe cuagn sn,

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