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We will hold this year’s OE5-SOTA Day on Saturday, September 14, 2019 in the Attersee Region of OE5. I will post further details here when they are available.

73 Martin, OE5REO


We will hold this year’s OE5 SOTA DAY on Saturday, September 14, 2019 in the Attersee region of OE5. The plan is to activate summits in the area around Traun-, Mond- and Attersee. Please post your planned activations on SOTAwatch and try to spread out to different summits.

After the activations we will then gather at Berghof Danter at around 16:00 local time. The meeting is open end.

Berghof Danter
Lichtenberg 3
4881 Straß im Attergau

Anybody interested in SOTA is welcome to join the fun!

73 Martin, OE5REO


Hello fellow OE SOTA people.
Me and my xyl would like to participate/ follow if possible. I have some questions that you could help me with.

  • How to get to the area the best way, airport, rental car?
  • Give me advice what mountain I can activate, or tag along with someone.
    (I can bring my own set-up)

Jaan, sm0oek


Hi Jaan,

Great to hear that you are planning to join us! The closest airports are in Salzburg and Linz but you would probably need a rental car to get to the activation areas. The easiest way would be to join one of the OE5-activators but I will also think about possible summits to recommend to you!

73, Sylvia

Hello Jaan,

good to hear you are thinking of participating in our OE5 SOTA DAY in September. Like Sylvia already said Salzburg, Linz or Munich would be the nearest airports …


Linz is a small airport with just a few flights coming in per day and from Munich is a longer drive to OE5 …
so I would suggest you look for flights to Salzburg.

From Salzburg Airport you can go by car in less than one hour to the region where we will hold our SOTA DAY, there are several car rental companies situated at the Salzburg Airport:


The restaurant where we will hold this year’s OE5 SOTA DAY is in a quiet, but also a bit remote area on a small hill with a lookout tower, the closest town is 7 kilometers away. You could also get to the region by public transport (train/bus), but hiring a car would be the easiest solution!


The restaurant has some rooms and three apartments available. If you need help with booking or to get in contact with them please let me know. They only have a german webpage that you can find here:


For other activities and accommodation in the area you can check the local tourism site:

73 Martin, OE5REO

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It will be my great pleasure to attend this esteemed event.
I saw on alerts page that many summits are occupied already.
How will be your suggestions my Friends, who will agree me to join the activation ?
Any help would be highly appreciated.

73, Jarek SP9MA

Hello everyone,

I will try a list of suggested summits that I know and are not alerted by today:

  • Schober OE/SB-265: About 1h 15min hike from the parking, last section has an easy via ferrata (A/B). Not suitalbe in case you have vertigo.
  • Brennerin OE/SB-216: about 3h ascent from Forstamt or via Grosser Schoberstein.
  • Großer Höllkogel OE/OO-022: Easy if you take the cable car from Ebensee. Then another 1,5-2h hike to summit. Bring enough water is usuall hot up at the plateau.
  • Alpenberg OE/OO-300: Very easy and short hike from from the Gasthaus am Hongar
  • Kulmspitze OE/OO-365: 30 min hike (here documented by Gilbert OE2GXL)

I am very certain a lot more suggestions.

73 Joe

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We are always happy to take other hams along….! Our alert is currently for OE/OO-346 (980 m ascent according to OE5EEP’s track) but may be subject to change due to weather conditions.

73, Sylvia

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OE/SB-293 (GPS-track available)
OE/OO-117 (GPS-track available)
are easy summits that are also still “available” :wink:

73, Sylvia

The same goes for me … feel free to contact me if you would like to do a joint activation! My current alert is for OE/OO-293 - Richtberg (which is between Attersee and Traunsee).

Still “available” easy summits:

73 Martin, OE5REO

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Great Martin, last year I activated together with Sylvia & Peter so, now I am happy to have a chance to go with you.

73, Jarek SP9MA


Just wanted to let you know that Saturday, September 14, 2019 is at the same time ALL-OE-SOTA-Day. So you can expect activations in other regions as well. We will also be using the special call sign OE15SOTA from September 6 - 22. I will provide separate information in a separate Reflector contribution a bit nearer the time.

73, Sylvia OE5YYN


Hello Martin

Nice information you gave me. There is a good flight to Linz with reasonable pricing.

Have to look into the sota maps or get some advice on a nice one to visit. Both me and my wife are ok with hiking and like to walk for the summit.

I don’t know but you might have a overview of mountains that will be activated during this day? It would be a little disappointing to reach a summit with someone else who is QRV.

The gasthaus I will look for rooms available.

Cheers Jaan



Hi Jaan,

There are already a lot of alerts out and Joe OE5JFE, Martin OE5REO and I have already listed several summits that are still “available”, i.e. no alerts have been put up for their activation so far:

But please check against any new alerts….

Look forward to seeing you in September!

These are all the alerts posted so far for the OE5 SOTA DAY … maybe you should go for OE/OO-365. In September the new lookout tower on the summit should be finished! I can assist you with maps and/or gps-tracks.

Or you can do a joint activation with local activator if you want … I’m doing a joint activation with SP9MA, so we will better look for someone else! Just let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you and your XYL in September!

73 Martin, OE5REO


Hello Martin
I take OE/OO-365 as you suggested. I also put up it up on the Sota Watch on the 14th September…

/jaan sm0oek

Already lot’s of activations planned for the 14th … looking forward to the event!


I will start my trip yesterday afternoon and from September 10 will activate summits in OK/US, OK/KA, DM/SX, OK/PL, OE/SB & OE/OO.
See you soon my Friends !

73, Jarek SP9MA


The weather report for our OE5 SOTA DAY looks very nice:


There are a lot of activations alerted on SOTAwatch so far. For all the activators that have not yet chosen their summit I had a look at all the planned activations and figured out which summits in the area are not alerted so far:

OE/OO-094 Kollmannsberg 2p.
OE/OO-106 Gmundnerberg 2p.

OE/OO-308 Kienesberg 2p.
OE/OO-366 Hoher Krahberg 4p. (difficult access)
OE/OO-373 Miesenberg 2p.
OE/OO-439 Tannberg 2p.
OE/SB-287 Eibenberg 2p.
OE/SB-293 Irrsberg 2p.

73 Martin, OE5REO


Hallo Martin,
Ich würde den OE/OO-117 Reservieren.
mit IN3ENN Markus
bis Samstag
Heinrich IW3AGO

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