OE5 SOTA Day 2018

We will hold this year’s OE5 SOTA DAY on Saturday, September 8, 2018 in the Mühlviertel region of OE5. The plan is to activate summits in the area around Linz, Freistadt and Rohrbach. Please post your planned activations on SOTAwatch and try to spread out to different summits. It is of course also possible to activate a summit in the OK/JC region or in neighbouring Niederösterreich.

After the activations we will then gather at Gasthof Mader at around 15:00 local time. The meeting is open end.

Gasthof Mader
Lest 39
4212 Neumarkt / Mühlkreis

Anybody interested in SOTA is welcome to join the fun!

73 Martin, OE5REO


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Only six days to go until our OE5 SOTA DAY … and the weather seems to be getting better and better :slight_smile:

Already a lot of alerts posted on SOTAwatch … maybe the number will grow a bit higher?

73 Martin, OE5REO

I seem to be the only odd one out in that list HI

Should give me some S2S opportunities but I will be only 500 km from OE, 60m anyone ?


Luc - you’re the odd one out in any list! :rofl: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sorry Luc,

but 60m is (still) not allowed in OE! In fact our government, the ministry and the public servants are currently planning to change the ham radio law in Austria … with several, massive drawbacks for us hams!

73 Martin, OE5REO

Oops, I didn’t know that … not looking good for you guys in OE !
Well, 40m will have to do then, as I have no good antenna for 80m.


Back to the topic of OE5-SOTA-Day:

A request to all activators during OE5-SOTA-Day: Please do not run QSOs on the 2m FM calling channel (145.500 MHz). With the long list of alerts there will be a lot of traffic. Please just announce yourself on 145.500 and move to a working channel immediately!

Thanks for your consideration!

73 Heinz, OE5EEP


I still have not decided which summit I will activate. Wherever I go, I will have 23 cm equipment with me!

  • Anybody else QRV on 23 cm FM during OE5-SOTA-Day (1297.500 MHz) ?
  • Anybody interested in a sked?

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

Beware of WAE-Contest, HF bands are probably very crowded. So take your 1KW portable Amp with you.


Sorry Heinz no radio for 23 cm FM.

But we should give UHF 433 MHz a chance if 2m and HF is in heavy use that day?

433,400 – 433,575 MHz: Simplex 25 kHz Raster
433,500 : Call channel

Contest rules for WAE give this recommendation:

According to IARU recommendations operation should be avoided outside contest-preferred segments.
No operation to take place on:
SSB: 3650-3700; 7050-7060; 7100-7130; 14100-14125; 14300-14350 kHz.

Source: Worked All Europe DX Contest - English Version - DARC

73 Joe

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the warning, but WAE-contest affects only SSB. CW-segments and WARC bands should be fine!

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

@OE5JFE: Good idea … I will call on 433.500 also!!

@OE5EEP: Sorry, no 23cm here!

73 Martin, OE5REO

Wir werden auch auf 70 cm qrv sein

Peter & Sylvia

My wife Franziska and myself arrived yesterday (4.9.2018) at the Gasthaus Mader in Lest and we will go on activating summits in this area! See you at the gathering on Saturday!
73 de OE/HB9BIN/p, Jürg


Hi Juerg, it will be nice to see you again :wink:
Hi all SOTA Friends who will attend the event !
I am going to come to Gastaus Mader on Friday afternoon/evening :wink:
See you soon on the frequencies and meeting !
73, Jarek, SP9MA

Hi Jarek
I am looking forward to see you agn! I still owe you a present! On Saturday evening you will get!
Now it is up to you to find out what it will be!
73 de OE/HB9BIN/p. Jürg

Hi Juerg, people first :wink: I am looking forward to see you soon !
73, Jarek SP9MA

Ready :wink:

73, Jarek SP9MA


Good Morning,

Nice distribution around Freistadt. I think almost every summit in the area is being activated :slight_smile:

73, Joe

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