OE3 completed

Keeping a long story short:
Yesterday Mai 14, during Vienna sota day spring OE1CCX, OE1KKF and OE3VBU activated the last three “virgin” summits in OE3.
Thanks a lot to OE5YYN and OE5JFE activating summits close by, as our summits were quite remote and surrounded by much higher mountains. Thus, 2 fm won’t be a good choice for an activation there in the middle of the week… With lots stations on the air for this event OE1CCX gained 9 s2s QSOs on 2 m fm, congrats.





mni tks to OE1KKF for organization and to all of you trusty chasers!
WX was perfect, all of us returned home with a sunburn.

73 Martin


Hello Martin,

Good to hear to have helped in closing this chapter :+1:
I think a great idea to make this happen at the Vienna SOTA day.

Weather was indeed very pleasant. I think we all had a good day.

So 4 out of 10 areas in OE are now fully activated. Still a lot of adventures ahead. Excellent :sweat_smile:

73 Joe


Congratulations! I was pondering one of the 3 remaining ones for this year but was too lazy, too slow. Great job!
I wonder how hiking up OE/NO-214 went for OE1CCX.
That one looked a bit inaccessible/involving a bit of horizontal mileage.

Hi Andi,

OE1CCX was well prepared, he thought he had to hurry, and then he was the first to be qrv …
73 Martn

Thanks a lot for 3 S2S contacts - what a great pleasure to get all three of you in the log!
And a special thank-you to Chris OE1CCX who was already on the way down and (on request of Klaus OE1KKF) seemed to have returned to the summit to contact me! Very much appreciated!

Great effort!
73, Sylvia

Martin - thanks, and thanks for telling me the whole story earlier!
I’m not the type running up to summits, so Chris got my full respect.

Now… on to OE6!

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