OE/SB, OO and KT plus HB/? - August 2019

I am travelling to St Wolfgang on Monday 6th and hope to activate some of the local SB and OO summits. We then move on the 14th to Weissensee and again I am hoping to do some KT summits. There are a couple on un-activated summits, is there anywhere I can find some information prior to going?

Then on the 19th we drive over to Lake Luzerne where I might get to do some summits.

I am unsure which summits and which days I will be able to get out, weather and XYL dependent.

Are there any must do or must avoid summits in the areas?

I will be adding my alerts and spots to Sotawatch, plus will write up reports on m0tri.home.blog

Thanks for any information or chasers
73 Andrew M0TRI

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Hi Andrew,

So welcome to Austria next week. Are you planning to activate on 2m and or HF? On weekdays it is sometimes difficult to get the required number of QSOs when using VHFonly.
To be able to give you some advice concerning any summits, it would be good to know the following:
What are your ideas about difficulty and length of summit tours?
How many meters in ascent are you comfortable with?
Do you want to avoid climbing?

In KT-land there are a few unactivated summits. Some of them require a very long trip or you need climbing skills.

So please let us know.

Peter, OE5AUL

Hi Andrew,

I am familiar with the St. Wolfgang area. There are plenty of summits in all levels of difficulty nearby.

You are based at the foot of Schafberg, OE/SB-216. This is a three hours hike from St. Wolfgang and all exposed to the sun. So not the best target for August. You might consider the cog railroad as an alternative which will bring you close to the summit. It is a bit pricy though! https://www.schafbergbahn.at/content/website_schafbergbahn/en_uk/timeprice/sbbprice.html I would go early in the morning. This summit is overcrowded when the weather is fine. Views are excellent and this is a good VHF site.

In St. Gilgen there is Zwölferhorn, OE/SB-257. A cable car can bring you almost into the activation zone. This is probably the best compromise of easy accessibility, a good view of the area and SOTA possibilities. Food and drink is available in the summit area.

At the east end of Lake Wolfgangsee is Bürgl, OE/OO-428, which is a nice walk of about one hour. The last section to the summit is without a marked trail and at this time of the year probably overgrown. There are gps tracks on SOTAmapping.

A nice walk from Bad Ischl is Jainzen, OE/OO-320, which has two marked trails to the summit which can be combined to a loop. Tracks are on SOTAMapping.

There are many more options. I would need to know if you have a rental car, how far you are willing to drive and what your comfort zone is for elevation and eventual climbing to give more specific recommendations.

Enjoy your time in Austria!
73 Heinz, OE5EEP

Hello Andrew,
I will activate summits in Tirol area starting from August 10 on both 2m FM and HF CW.
Hope to work you there.
Alerts will be put in advance.

73, Jarek SP9MA

Hi Andrew

I suggest two popular ones for the Lake of Lucerne area resp. Central Switzerland:

  1. Pilatus: Tomlishorn and Matthorn
  2. Ridge hike from Chlingenstock to Fronalpstock.

You can find a summit report for the Mount Pilatus summits here on the reflector:

Check out the reports of Paul, @HB9DST/AA1MI in English on his page of the HB9SOTA website. Paul is a good writer, you will love his reports!

Paul advised also on Swiss cablecar summits on a further page:

So liaise with your XYL and the weather god, hi.

Enjoy, and vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Hi all,

Thanks for the advice and routes. I will be active on VHF and HF (20&40m).

We will have our campervan with us but will mainly be using buses and cycling to the bottom of the summits. We do not mind a good day in the fells (6-8 hours of journeying) and are happy with some scrambling to get to summits but not roped up climbing.

The weather is not looking too good for the next few weeks, but I hope to get on to some summits even if it is via a train, cable car or chair lift.

Thanks again, 73 Andrew M0TRI