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O/S contour lines

What an awesome project! Although we still have a bit of snow on the hills around here, it’s April for goodness sake!

73, Colin


This is terrible, the lines need to be in a bright contrasting colour for easy recognition and to help those of us with failing eyesight!!!

Pillar Box Red?

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I do hope they are in 3D so we can trip over them. :joy:

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They will need bright orange fluorescent sidewalls to avoid trips!

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Whilst they are up there, they could paint the activation zone boundaries in as well :rofl:


What next? They’ll be waymarking and signing all the footpaths & bridleways next!!±

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If they added the numerical heights to the contour lines, we’d be able to read them on google earth :grinning:


I spent an hour on Penghent this morning looking for these new additions to aid my navigation, but the snow was covering them up. After lunch the snow melted and the lines also melted away!!!

Well spotted Colin


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The Yorkshire Three Peaks (Pen-y-ghent G/NP-010 to right, in line with pole) looked pretty yesterday wearing their dusting of snow.

73, Colin

Much more useful would be if they painted the paths on the ground in bright colours.

But it has been done, before anyone scoffs. :slight_smile:

We visited Cadiz in Spain and the tourist office gave us a map with coloured lines drawn on it for different walks around the city. We struggled a bit following our chosen line. Until we noticed they had painted the lines on the road! We were following the purple line. :slight_smile: