Nubie chaser question diffrent band same summit

If I work an activator on 2 bands for the same summit in a 24 hr period, I do not get points for the second band?


That’s correct Kent.

Thanks! Just making sure I am reading correctly.


This is correct. It is in the General Rules, Rule 3.8.3, but note the complication that this applies to a 24 hour period, a day, in GMT. If the activation continues past 23.59 GMT then you can work it again and claim the points!

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24 hours in GMT. Example. 0000 is currently 1700 on the west coast U.S. A contact by a chaser at 1659 L can be repeated at 1701 L for points for two different days… Same idea occurs for activators once a year on New Years (1600 L, west coast).

As a newbie, I am still a bit confused. Please forgive!
I will try to keep the answer from being ambiguous by having a specific scenario:
As a chaser I work a summit that is worth say 4 points.
A half hour later, still on the same UTC day, the guys on that same summit change bands. If I work them again this time on the new band, do I get an additional 4 points?
Ron K7RJ

You, as a general chaser, can score a particular summit once(1) per UTC day(2).

An activator can score a particular summit once per year, and score a seasonal bonus for it (if applicable) once per year, too.

(1) That’s “once”. Not “Once per band” or “Once per mode” or “Once per activator”. Just “once”.

(2) Once UTC rolls past 0000 it’s a different day, even when the UTC roll-over is during your local day.

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Well put, Rick!