Do activators want to be chased on multiple bands?

It has been asked and answered that chasing an activation on multiple bands in the same UTC day does not earn the chaser additional points (Nubie chaser question diffrent band same summit). However, my question is towards the activators: Would you want to hear from a chaser on multiple bands? Usually once I have secured an initial contact, I might follow the spots and tune around to see if I hear an activator on other bands, but I generally don’t work them even if I hear them elsewhere. Am I being too miserly with my RF?

One of exceptions I’ve seen is @kr7rk, who tries to get contacts on 10m regardless of his other contacts, and often posts a 10m spot with an extra comment encouraging another contact even if we’ve worked elsewhere. The other is towards the W5N Association Century award run by @kt5x, who encourages as many contacts on as many bands as possible with those activators. How do others feel about this?


While it’s always nice to get contacts on multiple bands however after 4 different stations are worked, there is no need for the activator to make any more contacts to be able to claim the points for the summit. Most do however continue to work chasers to give out points to the chasers as long as time and weather allows. Some have their own personal challenges as regards the more difficult bands.

73 Ed.


Brian you are correct that I encourage anyone to try 10m, even if we’ve already worked. Ten meters tends to be ignored these days by most ops, who assume it’s dead, when in fact there are frequently contacts to be made.

I often work many, or even most, HF bands during activations and sometimes it’s fun to work the same Chaser on as many bands as possible. Since many SOTA ops send more “true” signal reports, rather than everyone being 5NN, I see it as a way to compare propagation and learn the trends for band conditions through the seasons. It’s interesting to work someone with a 559 on one band, a 439 on another, and barely a signal to be heard on yet another. Occasionally I’m totally surprised, maybe getting a booming 599 on a band above the MUF for example. Since Chasers may try to get the contact on the first band that they are able to hear you, it’s possible you won’t know if another band may have had a better propagation path (or maybe just your gear works better on another band) if they don’t try. I especially enjoy when I am chased by ZL or VK on more than one band, as the varying conditions for DX can be truly interesting. Sometimes 20 meters isn’t the best!

However I do know that we are often limited in time on a summit. If an Activator posts an Alert or Spot saying that it will be a short time up there, that may be a reason to avoid working them more than once, in order to allow others a better chance of also making the Chase.

Keith KR7RK


As many contacts on as many bands as possible please.


As long as there’s not a pileup, I would like contacts from the same chaser on different bands, it lets me know how the propagation is going.


Mike AC0PR


It’s up to the chaser. Sometimes it’s nice to hear from the same chaser on multiple bands. For example when it is very hard copy on one band a chaser might call me on another band to let me know that the contact was much easier there - we both learn a bit about propagation. The same for other modes.

It certainly is not a chore to work chasers on multiple bands. The only time it might not be wanted was if time on the summit was limited and it was taking air time away from first time callers. I don’t think that that has ever happened to me.

Malcolm VE2DDZ

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Simple answer - Yes.


Yes, if I work all three bands to the same station it is a delight and it doesn’t happen often. Operating 2m , 4m and 23cm, the 2m contact provides an alert / warm up for the 4m and 23cm operation. The bands are quite different in character. I also have chasers who want specific bands so provided there is plenty of 2m QSOs this acts as an alert to listen on the other bands.

I shall be in G/WB land on Thur and Fri this week so contacts on these three bands will be welcome as it will be quite a challenge on the wooded tops.

73 de Andrew G4VFL.


…me too!

It hasn’t happened often on my activations, but when I was contacted on two bands (I currently have only 40m and 20m capacity) the difference in received and sent RST on the two bands was fascinating. So count me in for the “yes” votes.

My response is in agreement with others, but I have a slightly different reasoning.
Over here in Yankeeville there’s the nefarious organization that plays to the audience of corporate money grab. They want the amateur bands.
One thing I like about SOTA IOTA and LOTW is to compilation of logs. We can demonstrate the bands ARE BEING USED AND VALUABLE TO AMATEUR OPERATORS.
We need every thing we can muster to protect the bands. Every activation, every contact, every log, is critical to establish these bands must remain on the hands of amateurs.
If it doesn’t get recorded, it never happened.
Victor KI7MMZ


I’m especially happy to hear from a chaser I’ve already logged when calling CQ repeatedly on a new band and getting no response. Likewise, I’ll send my call on additional bands as a chaser if I don’t hear anyone responding to the activator’s CQ to let them know that their signal is getting out somewhere.
Peter KD0YOB


I like to work each activator on each band if possible when I hear them. Let them know how they sound on the Right Coast near the ocean in the flatlands. And I also try to work as many W5N stations as I can on all the bands I can for their awards. That is a big help in getting to the chase. I also try not to tie up the additional bands if they are doing multiple activations. My $.02. de John Paul // AB4PP

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As an activator I enjoy multiple chases on multiple bands. Once the first 4 are in the log I enjoy logging other contacts. I consider the chasers to be my friends and it is always good to hear from friends. I generally work 10Mhz, and 14Mhz and often 7Mhz for morning propagation.
As a chaser I work the activator on I first frequency I can copy; then I will wait until the pileup is gone before calling on another frequency.

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Yes, one day in ten or more years time I might analyse my logs and find I have qualified for an award on a specific band or mode. I’m accumulating points on CW at present to reach 1k on that mode, but I’d be interested in all bands and modes. Imagine the 5BMG!

But in general it is good to make as many contacts as are feasible. When I’m pushed for time, I say so, so duplicates are not sought then.
Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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First time I was called be a chaser on 20m I just had worked at 40m i was surprised. I thougt by myself:… maybe the qso on 40 was not complet for him. He ist much louder here. OK!..

During the period I make SOTA I often had contacts on different bands with the same chaser - and its ok for me.

But I don’t need it. I change the bands to give other regions a chance to work the summit where I am.

Untill now i actually didn’t spend much time on each summit… when the pile up is over I call 2 or 3 times again, maybe I change the band (if its open) … and very often I change the summit after 15 min activity… trying to do 4 - 5 summits on a free day.

I m a little bit in hurry, to reach the herd… I think - it will change soon :wink: … I will spend more time on each summit…

73 Armin


QSO is QSO, does not matter points or else.


Yes, please, as many QSOs as possible!

I don’t haul all that gear up the hill just to get 4 QSOs and score the points. I do it to have fun working as many chasers as possible. I usually stay on each band for ten or fifteen minutes, but for me it is quite frustrating to yell CQ into the void after initial pileup, and get no reply.
And I don’t mind repeating my call and report as many times as necessary to get into the log of some distant station who picks me out of the noise.


Personally, I’m more than happy to take calls on multiple bands. On the 1st of March 2014, while activating G/SP-014 and when the HF bands were in much better shape, I was chased by VK2DAG on 12m, 17m and 20m.

Contacts such as these, I’ll take all day long.


I, too, have no problem with contacts in multiple bands. It is interesting to check propagation and it furthers the camaraderie among operators. I particularly appreciate multiple contacts when I have a Boy Scout or my child with me in an activation and contact is made with them. I think we had two contacts Brian Monday if memory serves (W5T/NT037) and that was much appreciated. The kids are so excited they get to participate and SOTA and POTA chasers have been universally cordial and patient with the kids.