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NS7P Reaches 60,000 Chaser Points

Congratulations to Phil, NS7P who today reached 60,000 Chaser Points from his QTH in Oregon! Well done, Phil!
73, Walt NE4TN


Congrats Phil, I heard the QSO today (both ends).

73/Tommy W7RV

Congrats, Phil !
Happy to have been a small part of that; always nice to hear your call when out and about.


Appreciation for that very large number from New Hampshire!
Merle and Herm

Well done Phil, congrats…

73, Dan NA6MG

Congrats Phil!
73, Walt W0CP

Congrats Phil!

That is a lot of points, and a lot of effort.




73 de NU7A/Bren

Congrats Phil - that represents a lot of seat time !! Thanks for digging me out of the noise on several occasions !!
73 Rick WB0USI

Wow! That’s a lot of chasing! Great job Phil! Guy/n7un

Mighty fine job Phil…
Don, NK6A

Phil, Great job. You are one of the regulars whom I can always count on to call me or be on your own activation.

Scott WA9STI, Los Angeles & Eagle River, WI

Also my congratulations Phil. Always happy to work you when you are activating as well. All the best and hope you are doing ok. 73 de Scotty

Congratulations Phil. I like knowing I was a small part of your success. Keep that strong chaser signal coming in to the East Coast!

W3CDW (Chris)

Congrats Phil! As a new-born activator, I want to thank you for always being there and helping me achieve my goals! Stomping around in the Arizona summer heat can really get me down, but hearing a friendly call sign always pumps me up!

Congratulations Phil!

KY7S (Doug)

Hey Phil, congrats and thanks for the summits you have helped me activate!!!

Congrats Phil…You’ve been at it a long time. Thank you for the many chases.


Those of us on the west coast know how hard it is to get that many points from out here. Congrats.

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT

Cograts Phil, Always glad to hear you on the hill.