Not getting SOTAWATCH3 on iPAD

I’ve noticed the last couple of days I’m not able to get SOTAWATCH3 on my iPAD. Everything else seems to be working OK. Did something change ?

John, K6YK

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When did it last work ?
Have you tried the solutions which have been given before?

If you can provide software versions etc. it will help.

iOS version
Browser name and version

I don’t remember the last time it worked. I don’t use it every day, just happened to notice a couple days ago that it wasn’t working. MY
IOS is 9.3.5. I checked for updates, I received a notice that says,
“Your software is up to date.” Browser is Safari, don’t know how to
find the version.

That’s a 2016 release of software. I’m going to guess your browser is just too old. I’m not an Apple user, but there are probably some newer browsers available for your iPad. It may be worth trying Firefox and / or Chrome to see if they work better.

Also use the search facility on here to see if there are any other tips (such as clearing caches etc.) that may restore functionality.

Thanks. I’m not an Apple user very much. Just use the iPAD when I
go outside where I can’t see the main computer. I’ll see if I can find
another browser at the APP store… I am not a computer guy, just
an appliance operator. Hi !
John, K6YK

First, try updating the software. Open the Settings app and look under General > Software Update. I can’t guarantee that is the location on iOS 9, though. I’m running iOS 14. Even the old iPhone 4S that is the dedicated music player is on iOS 12.

An OS update will give you a Safari update.


The latest supported IOS version on iPAD 3 is 9.3.5, so most browsers are not compatible as they require version 10 or higher. The same problem is on my iPAD 3. SW3 on my Safary browser returns blank screen, and I can not install other browser like Firefox, Edge or similar. So, I would add to what Andy said:
Yes, iPAD 3 is just too old.

Mirko, S52CU

Which is shame because the hardware is more than adequate and probably has lots of life in it still. Unfortunately, this is the big downside of the walled garden of Apple. You get to use the hardware as long as the software stays contemporary and once Apple decide that’s it, then that’s it.

I had a similar issue with my Google Nexus tablet when updates rendered it unusable and Google stopped support. At least with that (and many other tablets), there are open source OS available to keep the hardware usable for years to come. Mine now is a nice big GPS navigator for when I hire a car that doesn’t have built in GPS.

I’ve had the same problem since the website was updated. Neither my Ipad (IOS 9.3.6.) nor my rather older Iphone version 7.1.2 will work on the new website… Both phone & Ipad say that the software is upto date.

Incidently Safari is part of the IOS so the update includes updating Safari.

I’m due to inherit my wife’s newer Iphone when she buys herself another. I’m considering getting another make of tablet instead of another Ipad.


THanks for all the replies folks.ll It’s such a ripoff, all this updating.
This iPAD of mine cost about $800 and soon will be useless, I presume.
As Mirko said, I can’t download any of those newer browsers because the IOS is too old,… “OLD???” 4 or 5 years… GROAN !
I haven’t got a radio that’s that new.
John, K6YK

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The only way to get value for money from Apple products is to own shares in Apple :slight_smile:

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Ha! Yeah, you got it. As I said, what a ripoff.

You might find sotagoat runs well on your iPad and gives good functions on SOTAWatch.

Revert to Factory original state and block updates - OK doesn’t work with SOTA sites but anything else I need when travelling is available (browser, calendar, maps etc.). Google will have stored anything you might have forgotten to keep. At least it is not a useless lump of expired electronics!!

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Mine works…image