Norbreck rally (Blackpool) 10th April

Is anybody going to the Norbreck Castle for the Blackpool rally on sunday 10th April?
Iam going with Dad (Ray G0DMV) Mum (Emily 2E1AEQ)
Hope to see you at the SOTA stand.
Edward (2E0NSR)

Aiming to be there Edward. As long as nothing else comes up. See you there I hope.

Hi Edward. I’m going. However my chances of visiting the SOTA stand are rather remote as I will be working. Hope to see you there.

Me - although I’m staffing (nearly said the non-pc word of “manning”) the WAB stand. Not sure if I’ll be allowed to escape!

I’m doing the SOTA stand as usual Ed, so see you there. You can have a lift back to Macc with me via an activation if you fancy too.

As an aside, I think the word “manning” is non-gender specific in this context, so perfectly politically correct. Capitalise it however, and that is definitely not politically correct. I’ll get me coat…

I think men worry more about this area of political correctness then women do actually, most are not really bothered :smile:

PS: I should be there; junk hunting as per usual !



Hoping to be there, a first time for me…


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I hope to be there with my namesake :ship: :car: :mans_shoe: :wink:


Victor GI4ONL


Me too

Barry GM4TOE

I’m hoping to be there. Staying in Devon for a few days next week, so driving back Saturday afternoon specially to attend the rally on Sunday.

Agenda will be just to meet people and say hello.

Colin MW1BUU

Is this Rally worth going to? My experience of rallies in recent years has been 2 or 3 genuine traders a few club stands and the rest is a glorified carboot sale usually with very little radio related! Apart from Lincoln I have not been impressed - but then I have never been to Norbreck.

73 Glyn

Glyn, if it is like last year’s rally you will not be disappointed. Loads of stands for bits and pieces with some well known traders in the world of ham radio in attendance. I spent most of my time at the SOTA stand last year meeting activators and chasers including a visit to the WAB stand as well…managed to pick up items I had on my list also :slight_smile:

Good luck tomorrow. 60m was my best band today, 40m was very poor but managed quite a few contacts using the linear. 80m worked also with some 8 contacts in the log, however, tomorrow is another day. Thanks to all the chasers who made my log.

Oh…I will be there this year again :slight_smile:

73 Allan

Thanks for the tip Allan will probably start on 60m after I’ve done with 2-fm

73 Glyn

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I am also planning to be there so hope to meet a few of you :smile:

73, Mark G0VOF

Me too!

Though my XYL says I can’t buy more than will fit in an 8" x 8" x 8" box :anguished:

Looking forward to putting faces to some familiar calls :grinning:

73 de Paul G4MD

Glyn - Norbreck is great. My favourite exhibition. I admit I’ve never been to Newark, but I have been to Leicester, Donnington, Llandudno etc, and Norbreck is streets ahead of any of those (IMO).

Good fun, good atmosphere and plenty to keep you interested. The SOTA stand is a main focal point throughout the idea and I’ve known many SOTA participants come to the rally and spend almost the entire day at the stand socialising with other SOTA enthusiasts.

Do hope to meet you there.

Hello everyone

Roy G4SSH, Dave G3TQQ, Pete M0HQO and I are coming over from North Yorkshire and are looking forward to seeing old and new SOTA friends.

Nick G4OOE

Sorry, was that 8’ x 8’ x 8’… always get those two quote marks mixed up…

I agree Tom, I went to Newark last year and I’d definitely say that I enjoy Blackpool better.

Missed last year’s rally due to our holiday on the Isle of Mull, but this year we’ve booked to go to Mull in August instead (I’m a bit worried about the Mull Midge though!).

I’m hoping that there will be a SOTA gathering at a certain time at the SOTA stand once again so that we can put faces to call signs.

There is a construction competition each year; I would encourage SOTA people to enter.

Its much more relaxed then others from what I gather !