NO HF SOTA operation unless you learn CW! (Part 2)

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@G4AZS Adrian, many thanks for the QSO. I struggle to just to say or send F/MOWIV. With a /P at the end of your callsign no one seems to say the / in voice modes, just saying “portable”.

But here in France I think / is “barre oblique”. I’ve used it a few times but also said “slash” more often.

I noted on a CW QSOs the other side repeated my callsign but left out the / which I think was deliberate as they were F/DLxxx so knew the format of the callsign.

That is the correct way.

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Yes, when it’s at the end of a callsign as in “/P” then the “/” is ignored in my experience in SSB/FM. But I’m not sure how it is used at the beginning of a callsign as in F/.

I felt a bit awkward say " Foxtrot barre oblique Mike Zero Whiskey… etc and no one repeated it back to me. :slight_smile:

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I do (roughly half the time). And I prefer to “stroke” rather than “slash” (though each has its followers).

There rules for how to say a CEPT callsign, i.e. DL/M0FMF in TR6101.

2.3 When transmitting in the visited country the licence holder must use his national call sign preceded by
the call sign prefix of the visited country as indicated in Annex 2 and Annex 4. The call sign prefix and
the national call sign must be separated by the character “/” (telegraphy) or the word “stroke”

Note the use of the word “must” making it MANDATORY to say it this way.

Delta Lima Stroke Mike Zero Foxtrot Mike Foxtrot

Failure to do this results in the ionisation in the E and F layers decreasing markedly and you spoiling the bands for everyone.


Well I’m glad this thread has found some humour.

I find these CW not CW threads that appear from time to time quite tedious after a while. This one has moved so far from Phils original post. Yes I know can unsubscribe…

Can we all have a glass of Phils wine and reflect on the wonderful multi-faceted hobby that is amateur radio, and in particular amateur radio from mountains and hills. It can be as simple or as technical as one wishes or is capable of.

Otherwise, I will start a “ft-8 takes more brains than CW” thread. :upside_down_face:


Now that’s a good idea. Let the b- oops, sorry, devotees fight their corners whilst the rest of us get on with our SOTA.

Second thoughts - I would be obliged to read it all. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: