No CEPT for ZB2!

I note spots for an HB9 prefixing with ZB2.

CEPT reciprocal operation is NOT valid for ZB2 - you must obtain a local call.

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ZB2 is ​not ​a signatory to CEPT T/R 61-01. Therefore all visiting operators ​must ​obtain a reciprocal licence from the ​Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA). A Gibraltar address for the period of the licence will be required. The application form and further information are available here:
Note that you will not be granted permission for operation on HF. The only bands permitted are 6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm. There is a power limit of 100W e.r.p.andlinearamplifiersarenot permitted. The Gibraltar Amateur Radio Society has a Web site here:

From document point 1.6 : Summits on the Air

I’ve also noticed that 12 17m QSOs have been logged from this summit before and I guess these QSOs need to be deleted SOTA Summits

Jimmy M0HGY

Hi Jimmy.

As Tonnie points out above, from my ARM, HF is not available to visitors. But locals, such as Kevin, the previous activator, are permitted to use HF, so no problem.

Before you take such hasty action. You may need to check with ZB2GI. Whilst it says NO HF is issued to reciprocal license holders (i.e. Visitors) it would not be logical to say the same applies to residents.

73 de

G4VFL (who did manage a chase on 50MHz)

OK thanks Simon and Andrew, I didn’t realise that locals were allowed to use HF, but visitors are not allowed. I fully understand though now that these 17m QSOs were no problem.

Jimmy M0HGY

This may well have been quite in order, but not if the contacts were made on the HF bands.

When a non-Gibraltarian applies for a reciprocal licence, the Gibraltar authorities issue one using the callsign “ZB2/” followed by the operator’s home callsign. I have a Gibraltar licence which authorises me to use the callsign “ZB2/G3NYY”. The Gibraltar licensing authority has not issued “proper” ZB2 callsigns to visiting amateurs for many years.

And contrary to what someone has said in an earlier posting, my Gibraltar visitor’s licence DID allow me to use the HF bands. Admittedly, this was some years ago, so the rules must have been changed since then.

Walt (G3NYY)

It’s been 2m/6m 100Werp only for reciprocals since at least 2007.

Reading between the lines on the GARS website, this appears to be thanks to irresponsible operating by some previous visitor(s). A similar situation exists in Andorra, where it is now extremely difficult to get a visitor’s licence for any band.

Walt (G3NYY)

Many innocents suffering penaltis for some few other’s faults. As usual…

Why don’t we just ask @HB9EIZ? I see a lot of speculation in here.

Do you think the MT hasn’t?

Because he’s in Gibralter. :roll_eyes:

Do pay attention at the back please! :rofl:

The MT have emailed him. He may well have a licence that allows HF. The various websites suggest this is not possible but that does not mean the licensing body has not changed the licence and it is now possible. Should it turn out it is valid then it is fine. If it was a simple mistake (which we all make) such as failing to notice the no HF then HB9EIZ will remove his log. He may be embarrassed at making such a mistake but it’s not the end of the world. If we hear nothing then I will fire up my DB admin console and zap it and all the logged chases.

I have added clarifying text to the Summits Page from the regulatory body and the local club/IARU society.

73 Ed.

Walt, you are right. GRA have confirmed that the reciprocal licences they issue use the “ZB2/” prefix.

But the “no HF” restriction stands. So we should not expect to see “ZB2/” on anything other than 70cm, 2m, 4m or 6m.

He has logged his activation onto the SOTA Database already.

Jimmy M0HGY

I know. That’s why I said I will zap it if I need to.

But unlike some places, where people have their valid logs deleted with no explanation. we (the MT) are giving him the chance to reply. Until he has had that chance to explain that it was a mistake or he has a licence valid for HF then the log stands.

That’s fair enough Andy.

Jimmy M0HGY

Let’s hope Markus is not sat in Gibraltar Jail for smuggling radio gear, which can happen if he is stopped at the border without a Gibraltar radio licence (seriously).


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I can remember getting the 12m band edge wrong and calling CQ SOTA about 5kHz out of band. Boy was I feeling dumb when I spotted a spot comment saying I was out of band for the US. I couldn’t understand this because 3 or so people had chased me already. I think they had blindly tuned to the spot frequency and went from there. When I saw the comment. I QSY’d up the band and got plenty more chasers. Yes, I broke the UK Wireless Telegraphy Act by being careless but nobody died… the world kept turning and the sun continued to rise each morning in the East.

It’s easy to make mistakes and the general excitement of a SOTA expedition makes it even easier to make mistakes.