Visitor operation from Gibraltar seems not possible even VHF/UHF

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That page says “So the only way to activate this summit is on VHF/UHF after you have applied for and received your temporary licence or as a permanent resident of Gibraltar.”

I believe this is also not completely accurate.

In planning an upcoming trip to Marbella and thinking about a day trip to ZB2, I contacted the local authorities. I was informed by Administration Officer Jonathan Ferrary that “One of the conditions of the license is that you need to be transmitting from and have a contactable address in Gibraltar.”

Thus it seems that unless your contactable address from which you operate lies within the activation zone (doubtful in this case), you cannot activate ZB2/GI-001 even if you have UHF/VHF equipment/permission.

It might be worth adding this info to the summit page.

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Hi Paul.

My understanding is that they have issued reciprocal permits, so it is surely possible. They say they work in close collaboration with the Gibraltar Radio Amateur Society (GARS), who should therefore be able to help. Presumably the address of your hotel (in ZB2) would suffice, but no doubt GARS will be able to guide you on this.


One problem, Simon, is that I will be making a day trip and will not have a hotel address in ZB2.

I will, however, touch base with the GARS to confirm my conclusions.


Simon - This is what is clearly stated on the GARS website: Gibraltar Amateur Radio Society

Operating from Gibraltar

Although we are very pleased to see you at our premises, they are not available for use by visiting operators except using our station ZB2BU on club nights. Gibraltar is not part of CEPT, and the authorities here DO NOT issue reciprocal licences for HF operation.

This is due to historical problems with interference to MOD services and is unlikely to change. There are no exceptions.

Reciprocal licences for VHF are issued free on application to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. You must hold a licence from a country which has a reciprocal agreement. Importing radio equipment without a Gibraltar licence is illegal, and it may be siezed by HM Customs.

Gibraltar ZB licences are only issued to residents of Gibraltar.

73 Ed.

I noticed on the spots now that there is an activation happening right now in Gibralter, but is on 20m, not sure if this is allowed as you can only operate VHF/UHF on a reciprocal licence.

Jimmy M0HGY

That looks kosher to me. The visitor is on VHF and the resident is on 20m.

It’s the club call

ZB2JK, president of the Gibraltar ARC, which is in close contact with the authorities, assured me everything was legal, even on HF, as long as I used the club call and a club member was present (ZB2JK and ZB2GI generously gave up their time to be with me).


Thank you for mention this Andy and Simon. However in the comments it says the person operating is Paul HB9DST. Please see screenshot below.

I thought you were only allowed to use club callsign to log your SOTA activation if you are using your own licence privileges. As it’s Paul HB9DST using this club callsign and he’s operating on 20m and 17m, surely that is not within his own licence privileges as if he had a reciprocal licence ge would not be allowed to operate on these bands, so he will be operating under the supervision of a club member which surely means the activator point goes to who is supervising and not the person operating.

Jimmy M0HGY

OK thanks for explaining Paul, that actually sounds to me that your activation may have been OK. I hope you enjoyed your activation on there.

Jimmy M0HGY

I think it’s hard to work SOTA from the moon like the little rock :frowning:
thank you Paul you got my sympathy :+1:
thank you also to the possitive people who made possible the inconceivable… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
73 Eric F5JKK


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Describing Paul’s activation as Kosher is used to convey just how correctly it was being performed with consideration to the special rules regarding visitor operation in Gibralter.

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Danke Paul für der Verbindung.
73 markus IN3ADF