New Svalbard (JW) SOTA DX-pedition 1-5 May 2022

Hi, we are happy to announce our second JW SOTA dxpedition :star_struck:

This time our team will consist of 4 operators:

We will arrive at Longyearbyen on the 1st of May and will do some chasing for the first two days. We will get access to JW5E club station first on Sunday evening so we hope to get in log some EU and NA activators. SOTA activations are planned for the 3rd and 5th of May. We hope to get access to some remote summits by the snow scooters which are otherwise not easily accessible during the summer time. Plan is to operate for two hours from each summit using 100W station and multiband vertical antennas.

More information on our activity can be found at

We hope for good conditions and many QSOs with SOTA community!

73 de LB8CG and team!


First operators has just arrived to the Longyearbyen.

Mountains are calling for activation!


Thanks for the QSO today. I was atop a summit in Spain and appreciate your call from SP9LQM and LB8CG

Regards, Brian EA/N6IZ


You are welcome, Brian! It was easy copy, another chaiser call sign was JW/HB9DQM!

We were bit late at the JW5E shack today, but still managed to get few activators in the log:

Thanks for the QSO, it was fun to chaise!

We tried to listen for NA station, but conditions were bad :disappointed:

Hello Mikhail,
I just heard you calling JW/LB8CG, while you were trying to work CT9/OE5JKL7P through a huge pile of chasers… I was glad to copy you with good signals!

Just let me suggest to check your QSO with EA2HM/P past Sunday, as I suspect the right call was EA2GM/P from EA1/AT-316, during the afternoon.

Good luck on your DX-Sota-pedition, my greetings to all the team!
73 Ignacio

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Thanks, Ignacio, yes it was just typing error, I got him properly in a log :). Conditions are not the best, but we are getting more and more stations on the log. Let’s hope for good conditions tomorrow when we are in the field. CU on the summit tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Small update: yesterday we had a very nice dinner together with Solveig (JW5MUA) sharing SOTA experiences and tips. Go Solveig!


Tomorrow the 3rd of May we will make attempt to activate JW/MS-095 Knapen. We expect to be QRV at 10-11 UTC. Follow us at the real-time map!

CU on the air and 73!

This is really cool, great work & good luck! :clap:


Great … unfortunately i am at Work but i will look at WebSDR

We are on the way!


JW9DSA at 14.333 SSB

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Very good conditions on 17m for the moment. HB9DQM is at 18.093 up 1

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17M was barely open at our dawn, could just about make you out. Other European stations calling you on your frequency while you were transmitting made it difficult to determine that you were answering me. Thank you for staying with it. Congratulations on a very special SOTA activation. 73 from New Mexico - Fred KT5X (WS0TA when activating peaks, North America’s first mountain goat)


Thanks for the QSO, that was pleasure :), you heard me finally after we increased power from 40W to 80W :). We reduced power bit to have less interference on 20m for SSB guys.

73 de LB8CG, now also mountain goat :goat:!


I listened on 30m with my QCX-mini and QCX 50w amplifier. I have modified the amplifier by removing the low pass filter, making it multi-band. I’d had a sked with GS3PYE on 40m and then swapped over to 30m to try for JW.

Signals were faint, so I dismantled the station and re-configured for 20m SSB with a single band QRP rig. It was only when dismantling the 30m CW station that I noticed that I still had the 7MHz low pass filter in the antenna lead! Doh! No wonder the signals on 30m were faint! Oh well.

It sounded as though there was plenty of demand for JW SOTA judging by the callers I heard on 30m (via 40m LPF!).

73, Colin


Congratulations! Snow or not, 1,000 SOTA activation points involves some doing!

  • Fred

Wonderful effort guys and made my day to work JW/LB1RH/P on JW/MS-095 nice signal on 20m ssb

Many thanks

Craig 2E0VRX 73


The opening to ZL was very brief. Thank you JW9DSA for sticking with ZL (Zulu Lima, Zulu Lima again your call) and making our QSO possible. I also called JW/HB9DQM on 20m CW but was unable to get through JA’s and then Manuel faded away after about 10 mins.