New SOTA in R9U

Hi! My name is Vladimir Angeli . My Callsign RK8A (RW9WR - OK8ACW) and I are new here. I am 61 yeas old . 28 February I might be to activate R9U/SO-135, height 747m. I’ll try my best to be there.My antennas is VP2E and OCF. My rig is ICOM-7300.(I have it only 4 days). I want to work on 7-14-21 Mhz on CW and SSB about QRP frequencies.See you on the bands! 73! Vlad - RK8A

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Good Luck Vladimir,

I saw an IC7300 this morning - very nice but a bit heavy for my SOTA work. I’ll look for your alert and spot but the time difference might make it hard to be there.


Hi Vlad,
Good luck with your first activation. Like Ron, if I hear you I will place a spot on the SOTA cluster, so you should get lots of calls.

I hope you know about the SOTAWatch website?

This is where we can post alerts (before an activation) to let others know you will be active:

And this part of the SOTAWatch site is where chasers (or you can do it yourself, if you have Internet or SMS from the summit) will post when they actually hear you on the air, giving the exact frequency and mode:

best 73 Ed.

Владимир, здравствуйте!
Желаю успеха в Вашей первой активации по программе SOTA.
Наконец то “лед тронулся” в плане работы по этой программе и в 9А.
Надеюсь, что Вы поделитесь впечатлениями об этой активации в тематических ветках на форумах QRZ.RU и QRP.RU.
Кстати, помимо программы SOTA, я интересуюсь историей радиолюбительского движения в 9W. М.б. у Вас есть материалы на эту тему? У меня есть Ваша чешская фото с памятной надписью для UA9WS, переданная его дочерью.

С уважением, Марат Адгамов RA9WJV. 73!

Vladimir , hello!
I wish you success in your first activation SOTA program .
Finally, the " ice was broken " in the work plan for the program and 9A .
I hope you will share your impressions about the activation of thematic forums on the branches and QRZ.RU QRP.RU.
By the way, in addition to the SOTA program , I’m interested in the history of amateur radio movement in 9W . MB you have on this topic ? I have a photo with your Czech commemorative plaque for UA9WS, transferred to his daughter .

Sincerely , Marat Adgamov RA9WJV. 73 !

For those that not speak Russian :smile:

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OK,Ron, thank you!
I was activated for the first time and made mistakes: my backpack weighed 19 kg! When I got to the top, I was already tired. Now I’m going to take a lighter Yaesu 857. I put just one antenna and have spent a total of 15 ties.(Hi). But I am very happy . I hope someday we will meet again.
73! Vlad


GD Ed!
Thanks for the suggestions and advice. In the future I will write in SOTAWatch . This time I made the decision very quickly and do not have time there to post information. Today I came back very tired, tomorrow I will try to post a report and photos and videos.
73! Vlad

Respect Vlad I don’t think I could lift a pack of that weight let alone carry it up a mountain! But SOTA is all about developing and refining kit and techniques and I’m sure you will soon be reducing your burden :smile:

Welcome to the addictive world of SOTA activating!

73 de Paul G4MD

Congratulations on the first activation, Vladimir !

Most of us started with heavy backpacks, in time you will learn what you need and the weight will be significantly lower. A typical activator configuration would be a QRP radio ( such as the Yaesu FT-817 or Elecraft KX3), a lightweight LiFePO4 battery and a resonant dipole or ground plane vertical for 7MHz and/or 14Mhz put on a 7m fiberglass fishing pole. If you spot yourself on the cluster chasers will know where to look and 5-10W is enough to complete the activation (most of the time I get 20+ contacts per activation with 5W SSB and a vertical).

I envy you for the IC-7300, superb radio, I’m guessing you got it from Japan; alot of people are waiting for it to oficially land in Europe and USA. I’ll probably get one for myself later this year.

Razvan YO9IRF / M0HZH

Thank you, Paul!

Buna ziua,Razvan!
Thanks for the advice! I have the FT-857, but I had no antenna that is configured for it. I know I need to take to hike in the mountains, I wasn’t ready, but I really wanted! My next expedition I want to make your backpack lighter.(Hi).

I bought the radio at YAHOO, but the service manual is in Japanese! I found in English and now I’m waiting when will translate into Russian.Still a lot I don’t know how to manage it(Hi)
73! Vlad

Hi Vlad,

Sorry I did not catch you yesterday, hopefully another time and possibly a summit to summit (S2S) contact. Welcome to SOTA activating.

73 Ed.


Its all a learning curve.

Mind you I got it wrong when first arrived on my first summit lead me to make a far easier antenna system to put up and lighten my battery load from 5kg to 1kg and MORE power,

Now using the Lifepo 8400mah no cheap but does the job on me 10w TX

From my metal flag poles and G5RV 1/2

To a lightweight simple 8m telescopic pole with a 1/4w vert and 1/2w inverted L both 40m via 9:1 unun brought better understanding of simple portable antennas easy to make and f wire replacement is needed cheap enough off a large reel. Trust me was at a coastal site and stood on me wire and when hoisted up the antenna broke the damn wire. Thanks fully that was the 1/4w I broke and had to use the 1/2w wire instead.

Like said you learn as you go along your own way of doing things. Am no expert in Activating of summits only done one so far but what has developed from that will make others easier. But happy to share what i have done with others as the more experienced have some great advise them self,s.

Has the bug bitten yet :slight_smile:

Welcome to the land of taking ham radio to new heights



For my first HF radio kit alone weighed 12kg. I still take my 4kg ts480 but got the battery down to 500g and shortly the antenna will drop from nearly a kilogram to a few grand. I’m saving for a ft817.
Then it will be a lot lighter.

Hi friends! I’m sorry , I couldn’t reply to emails! I wrote to the reflector about my QSO. Now I want to show photos and videos of my “DX-expedition” (Hi) on R9U/SO-135. Pleasant viewing! VIDEO : Активация SO 135 - YouTube