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I have had a brand new dedicated server up and running for 2 or 3 weeks now but have been procrastinating getting it live. Sorry! I just haven’t been sure about how to do it with minimum disruption.

This server has very considerably more capacity in terms of processing power, memory, etc than the current one and you should notice a significant difference.

The new server is currently at with an old data set.

I think I will get the data up-to-date and then put a notice on the old one to the effect that the new one should be used. Then I will change the DNS on . After about 24/28 hours this will have fully propogated so that ‘www’ will point to the new server and the old one will be cut loose.

I’ll keep this thread up to date as I make the changes.

73, Jon

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Seems very quick Jon :slight_smile:
But thats perhaps due to the small number of users hi.
Look forward to it going on line.

Roger G4OWG

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Doing data transfer now. Please don’t post anything!

73, Jon

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Right, we are live on the new server. I notice I have got error reporting turned on on this server one so you may get a few errors and warnings cropping up. Please notify me of them in this thread and I’ll fix them rather than ignoring them as I have been on the old site :wink:

Now to change the DNS.

73, Jon

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DNS now changed. This site should be available under within the next 24hrs or so.

73, Jon

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Hi Jon

Seems to be working much more quickly already! Many thanks for the upgrade.

73 es HNY de Paul G4MD

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Good job Jon… it’s flying here.

73 Marc GØAZS

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Truly excellent Jon - there is no comparison to the old set up. This is immeasurably quicker - many thanks for all your hard work.

73 es HNY,


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A minor point, but I notice that we are getting a backslash inserted in front of apostrophes.


Well done Jon - Much faster.

However I have noticed that certain characters typed in reflector messages end up with a slash character appearing in front of them.

(i.e " and ')



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Hmm. Don’t know why the apostrophes have suddenly become a problem. Must be a subtle change in the configuration. I’ll look into it.


Could be something to do with PHP magic quotes.
(PHP: Manual Quick Reference)


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I wrote a \ and got two, then edited it and it became four. Weird!

Wow, very fast currently, nice work Jon.

Trying to update user details seem to cause a ‘hiccup’ (still works ok on the ‘old’ system). Is that a DNS issue, in which case it will eventually resolve itself.

Many thanks for all your hard work.
Regards, Mike G4BLH

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Yep. Magic Quotes it was - thanks Stewart! Turned them off in php.ini and all is fine.

73, Jon

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Thanks for spotting this Mike.
User details now fixed.

73, Jon

Wow, that was quick.
Many thanks, Mike G4BLH

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Great job Jon, it seems a lot faster.


73 Mike GW0DSP

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John, one of my posts on the previous version (New German Summits 19:51) hasn’t moved across, can this be dealt with or is it in limbo?

This works a lot faster, tnx!


Brian G8ADD

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It’s a date problem Mick, try 2008 instead of 2007