New portable rig - Guohe G900

Yet another new rig from China.
HF to UHF (but no 4M :cry:)
Manufacturers website HERE
English translation Q900 SDR


The specs seem quite good with 30W HF and 5W V/UHF and with 5 - 32 volt power requirements, could be run from a variety of sources. (output power varies with working voltage).


In my opinion it’s layout looks more like a labratory instrument than a rig and getting 32 volts to get the higher output (if ever needed) will be interesting, but if this doesn’t turn out to be “vapour-ware” it could be an ideal SOTA rig with small size BT connectivity and low weight. I’ll probably hold off buying the new Xiego G90 in favour of this rig if the first published tests are positive.

I note the English article says it’s for the Chinese market - I guess that will be until they get the needed European and US certifications.

Addition of 4 metres may just need a firmware upgrade. The same with 60m - at the moment it only covers the WRC15 band.

73 Ed.

GPS antenna connector… very interesting… maybe APRS in the box?

From the linked to English article - point 15: 15. GPS time (requires optional GPS module).

So although there is a GPS antenna socket, it seems that you need to buy and extra module and it’s to ensure the system time is accurate. No mention is made of any digital data mode support, so I expect it really is just to keep the displayed time on the little screen or via the remote control, bluetooth linked SmartPhone App accurate.

73 Ed.

More information on the rig here -
and this could be where the other article came from - Q900 SDR Transceiver

It looks like the lack of a VFO knob is putting a few people off.

no tuning knob; sorry it looks like an ergonomic nightmare to me if it ever actually ships

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Well for FM operation on 2m and 70cm you probably don’t need a VFO knob but SSB or CW on any band, tuning with the arrow keys could be a problem.

It’s a shame they don’t show their Bluetooth smartphone control App in one of the pictures - that may have a VFO like capability (as in PocketRxTx that I use with my Xiegu) which would half get around the lack of a physical tuning knob.

I wonder if any European dealer is planning to show one at HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen at the end of June? (As of yesterday it’s still on).

73 Ed.

How do i buy one not knowing chinese? This looks like a cool radio with a bluetooth microphone