New MT Member:

The SOTA Management Team is delighted to announce that Elliott Pisor K6EL has joined the team.

Elliott has helped out in the background on many occasions so it’s good to see Elliott is prepared to step up officially. We have stated in the past that we’ve been planning to recruit from further afield than the UK so that we get a more worldwide view and Elliott is based in San Francisco. Elliott brings a long history of involvement in amateur radio and extensive legal experience to the team.

Please join us in welcoming Elliott on board.

Andy, MM0FMF
obo SOTA Management Team.


Great news! 73! Hal N6JZT

Wonderful news, El. Congrats!
John K1JD

Doug W1DMH



Congratulations, Elliot!
Martha W0ERI

Thanks, guys and gals. I’ll try to do a good job for all associations whilst keeping an eye on North America. There’s quite a lot to digest at the start, but I’m progressing well. 73’s

Elliott, K6EL

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We have every confidence in you, Elliott!


Congrats de W4DOW

Congratulations Elliott! Walt NE4TN

The SOTA Management Team is delighted to announce that two new members have joined the team.

Andrew VK2ARR/JI1GBE joins the Summit Team formally as the representative in the region of Australias/ Oceania/SE Asia area. He has been working closely with the MT for some time and gained experience of bringing a number of new associations through SOTA’s new association process.

Jonathan GW2HFR joins as Document Manager. He has experience of Microsoft Office and Librefree software to assist in ARM development and assessment. He also brings a valuable element of youth into the MT team and so able to reflect the views of the growing number of young SOTA participants.

Please join us in welcoming Andrew and Jonathan on board.

Rob, G0HRT
Obo SOTA Management Team.


Congratulations both, and thank you for stepping up!


Good news! Welcome to Jonathan and Andrew.

Hi Rob,
You have Andrew Ryan’s callsign incorrect - it should be VK3 not VK2. So thanks to Andrew VK3ARR for all his work in the AP region and all the best for the future as a recognised member of the MT.


Many thanks for the correction Ed.
Obviously not working enough DX with Andrew: too much email Hi Hi

Congrats, guys. Just in time, too. I hope they don’t shorten their names to Andy and Jon, since we already have one of each on the MT!!

Elliott, K6EL

Congratulations both, and thank you for your work!



congratulations on everyone.

Home to see JI1GBE operating in JA-land.

I’m a militant Andrew: I once threatened to punch my old boss when he called me Andy. For my sins, my new boss is called Andy. I have no problem with the name Andy, it’s just not me :smile:

Yes, I hope so too soon. I have to renew my JA license - it lapsed while I was travelling in ZS and I have been travelling or flat out busy since.

I feel a little Monty Python here: “I’m not old, I’m 34!” Help, help, I’m being repressed!

Thanks for all the congratulations - looking forward to helping SOTA grow in the Asian sphere.


Thanks Elliott for putting your hand up, appreciated by all.

73’s, Nick