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Congratulatins Karen .Thanks for many contacts and getting me started on activating. 73s 88`s

Congratulations Karen on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

In reply to G6ODU:
Congratulations Karen!

(Thanks for the spot, Bob :o)


In reply to G6ODU:
Congratulations Karen! It’s the indomitable spirit in you that I like [especially coming back from a broken leg] and the words of encouragement when I’ve been at a low ebb on e.g. Y Lliwedd that have been brilliant.
73 es sd

David M0YDH

In reply to G6ODU:
Fantastic news Karen!


Very envious of you being out on Glyder Fawr today, the WX looks FANTASTIC from my office window. Good way to get to MG by “smashing” it on a 10 pointer, plus winter bonus.

Here’s to the next 1000.


Many congratulations Karen. It is always a pleasure to work you and I have good memories of those triple S2S contacts we made on 2m, 70cm and 23cm. Well done on achieving MG on a big one and what a day - much more pleasant than that July day on Scafell Pike when I “graduated”. I’m suitably jealous!

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to MW6BDV:

Well done and thanks for contacts on 23cms over the years!


In reply to MM0FMF:

Well done Karen! It was great to work you today on 2m!


In reply to M0YDH:
I just looked back in the reflector.

Looks like Karen broke her leg “Apparently a spiral fracture of the fibula” on the 22 Jan 11 and was back out activating again on 12 Feb 11!!! I’m impressed!

I’ve dealt with a couple of “spiral fracture” injuries through my Mountain Rescue work and they are pretty serious, so getting back out and about in about 3 weeks was very good going. Can’t keep a good activator down eh?


In reply to G6ODU:
Many congratulations Karen and very well done in achieving MG. Thanks also for the very many SOTA contacts over the years, especially today’s on GW/NW003.
So What’s next I wonder?

In reply to G6ODU:

Brilliant, well done Karen. I was watching your progress over the last few weeks. Glad the weather was good for you today.
73 & 88’s from Mike (and Linda)


Hi Karen,

You’re a superstar!

Well done and thanks for so many summit to summits, especially today.

73 Mike

In reply to G6ODU:
Nice one Karen, well done!

72 & 88

Keith GW4OKT


Congratulations, very well derseved.



In reply to G6ODU:
Congratulations Karen, thanks for all the contacts!

Roger MW0IDX & Sue MW6SYL

In reply to G6ODU:

Many congratulations, Karen and thanks for the many contacts along the way including today’s s2s.

What a gorgeous day for the Goat activation.

Looking forward to many more contacts as I have some way to go yet.


Congratulations Karen welcome to the herd :o)

Sorry I missed you today, it was a brilliant day to be out on the hills.


Many congratulations Karen. I wasn’t at all sure that you were going to “take the plunge” when you came up to intercept me and Jimmy on Moel Famau that day, but I’m glad you did.

Just a little bit addictive don’t you reckon? Anyway, it seems there is a traditional phrase to meet such achievements, and no-one has said it yet, so may I be the first to say: “CW next Karen?”.

73, Tom M1EYP

Congratulations Karen.
73, Frank

In reply to G3RMD:

Congratulations Karen & thanks for all the contacts, including the odd S2S.

73 es 88,

Mark G0VOF