In reply to G6ODU:
Congratulations Karen on your MG status
Great to work you today as always
Catch you on the next one

Terrific news, well done Karen and thanks for all the contacts.

Nick G4OOE

In reply to G6ODU:

Well done Karen Thanks for all the contacts in the past Look forward to more in the future


In reply to M6BWA:

Hello Viki. What a fantastic day! Last contact in log 15:11, a quick second qsy to 23 cms sadly failing to make contact with G4BLH, then packed up and left the summit around 15.40 arriving back at the car 17:30. There were still patches of unmelted ice on the summit and many slippy rocks that hadn’t caught the sun. The rocks/scree slope down to the coll were just as bad as on the ascent, as was the coll path down to the start of the Devil’s Kitchen path. Devil’s Kitchen down to Llyn Idwal which I had feared may be a bit nasty was the best section, on both ascent and descent, of the whole walk! A thin layer of ice had already formed on the puddles on the home stretch and the final wooden bridge over the waterfall not far from Idwal Cottage glistened in the light of my head torch with it’s white covering of frost. It was 2 degrees when I reached the car. It’s going to be a cold one in the hills tonight.

Now safely home via the supermarket, chores done, long awaited mug of tea in hand and about to head off to bed. The “suitable glass” will have to wait until tomorrow evening (and might even stretch to two). I don’t think I could stay awake to drink it tonight!

So just a very quick thank you to everyone tonight - I’ll read the comments properly after work tomorrow.

Karen 2E0XYL

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Many congratulations on your M G.Hope to catch you on more summits later in the year. Peter ZL1/M1CNL

Fantastic to work you yesterday from EI/IE-007 on your solo Mountain Goat Expedition to GW/NW-003. It was a lovely surprise to hear your voice coming back to qualify my activation. I’m sure we’ll have lots more contacts whether activating or chasing each other on the airwaves.


Phil G4OBK

Hi Karen

Well done on getting the Mighty Mountain Goat!

And of course thanks for all the 23cm QSOs we have had!! It made investing in the Alinco worthwhile!

I suppose the next step is getting Neil to the same level!!!

73 Matt G8XYJ

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Congratulations Karen keep up the good work on 23cms, GW4ZPL John.

In reply to GW4ZPL:
Congratulations Karen

Many thanks for all of the summits and hope to catch up with both you and Niel in the Lakes again soon.



In reply to M6EPW:

               73s  88 colin g4uxh


73, Chris, M0XRS

In reply to G6ODU:
Congratulations Karen.

Great achievement :slight_smile:

Look forward to working you on your way to double-goatdom!



In reply to 2E0XYL:
Congratulations and thank you for your many kindnesses over the years.

Simon, M0TTE.

In reply to 2E0XYL:
Many congratulations Karen!! Thoroughly well deserved. It’s always a pleasure to hear you when out and about - you have helped me out on more than one occasion!



In reply to G6ODU:

Many congratulations on your recent rise to stardom. What an effort you have been putting in lately and on your own a lot of the time. You now have vast experience and you are most definitely a YL who can inspire other YL’s to go further and higher.

Very well done, you remind me a little of Shirley who was the third mountain goat and Carolyn also. What a finish! Glyder Fawr - a 10 pointer in winter and MG all done in two and a half years. Terrific stuff; enjoy the glory for a while; you’ve earned it for sure!

Stay safe,
73, John.

In reply to 2E0XYL:
Hi Karen,
Very well done on reaching MG, well deserved, always a pleasure to work you on my travels (especially on 23cm !).
Catch you on the next one.
John M0JVW

In reply to M0JVW:

Apologies for delayed response – no computer for a week now. Finally typed this on Neil’s PC – hated Vista and no MS Office, not my bookmarks, minimalist desktop, monitor too high up, mouse too large, no Memory Map, no SOTA log, – Aargh!

Thank you Bob! You are always there for me . . . and I know I’ve got a problem getting out if you’re not. As for activating, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Thank you. “indomitable spirit “ I like your turn of phrase David, that sounds so much nicer than the usual descriptives of stubborn, pig-headed etc :slight_smile:
“words of encouragement when I’ve been at a low ebb” - I think we all need those from time to time. Especially if you’re not a “mountaineer” and activate solo sometimes – I frequently have to give myself a good talking to. Inevitably past injuries can make things a little more difficult too.

I got into a rather sticky situation ascending Glyder Fawr by a different route last year when fear finally got the better of me – I found a tiny ‘safe’ patch and sat trying to reach a friendly voice on the phone. I left my OS grid reference on a friend’s answerphone just in case and finally managed to get Neil. He said he’d come out to get me and I spent the next half hour trying to text directions to my position perched halfway up a cliff and off the main path. I wasn’t lost just cragfast after being outside my comfort zone for quite sometime! I spoke to Neil a couple of times during his knight in shining armour drive down the A55 and had become considerably calmer after sitting there for an hour. I was now starting to worry about Neil finding me and how on earth he was going to reach me – how could he possibly get Size 12 feet onto the tiny ledges where I had difficulty and they might not hold him anyway. This made me pull myself together and have another go. After numerous further dead ends (sheer cliff), I managed to find a way up towards the ridge and got myself back on the path (not that far way) – it was so easy then! I reached the ridge just as Neil arrived at Idwal Cottage and he said he’d come up anyway so I had company on the descent :-)) He raced up via Devil’s Kitchen, the route we both knew, and I meandered on up the ridge on what was now a very easy final ascent. Had I managed to stay on the path I think it would have been a nice way to avoid the horrible scree slope after Devil’s Kitchen. I’d like to try the route again but I think I’d like some company next time! I’m sure some people will remember the ‘activation aborted’ alert followed by a very much later joint activation with Neil. I’d had visions of Mountain Rescue on that one!

“Very envious of you being out on Glyder Fawr today, the WX looks FANTASTIC “.
It was Gerald! I checked out the wx the day before in the office and it looked as if it was Wednesday or wait for a few weeks with the onset of colder wx/snow/winds – I quickly requested a day’s leave from work and was rewarded with an unbelievable day! :slight_smile:
“"Apparently a spiral fracture of the fibula" on the 22 Jan 11 and was back out activating again on 12 Feb 11!!! I’m impressed “
That was therapy Gerald, I was going stir crazy! Titterstone Clee was wheelchair up the road with Neil’s help and then crutches to the trig and Long Mynd was on crutches. Mynydd y Cwm on 24th Feb was the day the plaster came off and I could barely move my foot but the crutches worked well! After that it was down to my stubbornness and Neil’s patience and support as I used the hill’s as physio with a hot bath pre and post activations to gain some movement. I did a lot of traversing up hills in the early stages and sidestepping particularly on the descent because the bad ankle would start rolling outwards when it got tired so I could only traverse one way hi. I was so very slow but determined it was not going stop me hillwalking so soon after starting.

Thanks Gerald. Yes, it was great to make contacts on the 3 bands when our LD trips coincided. Looking forward to some more but unless we’re lucky I think my LD trips will have to coincide with your Scottish ones! I was very lucky after all the bad weather we’ve had to get such a stunning day at the beginning of January. I returned to work the next day and they were full of commiserations assuming I hadn’t summited – they’d had thick fog all day as had Bob G6ODU!

Barry, thank you for waiting and qualifying the hill for me, especially on 23 cms. Thanks also for your advice (and for saving me from the bog)! Looking forward to many more 23cms contacts the next one hopefully on your MG activation.

Thanks Andy. Hope to work you again on 23cms when you venture south of the border.

Thanks Rob. It’s always a pleasure to work you. Thanks for all the contacts and the S2Ss.
“What’s next I wonder?” - More of the same Rob, although maybe not out quite so often, fuel costs are horrendous. I’d like to complete all the NW summits – 11 to go.

Thanks Mike. Nice to meet you on Manod Mawr (and almost on Carnedd Llewelyn).

In your words Mike – Thanks for the flowers!
“thanks for so many summit to summits, especially today.” Mike thank you for the S2S today (and all the others) it just wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Thanks Keith – hope to see you and Paul out again sometime soon.

Thanks Rod. Looking forward to many more S2S contacts. It won’t be long before you and Viki will be joining me.

Thanks Carolyn. I heard you working Terry but then I think you must have moved on. I think we’ll be able to form a new herd this month!

“I wasn’t at all sure that you were going to “take the plunge” when you came up to intercept me and Jimmy on Moel Famau that day”. Neither was I, Tom! I had never even put out a CQ call before. We finally took the plunge on Penycloddiau on 21st June 2010 and our 15th summit on the 5th August was Cadair Berwyn – one of the best summits for VHF. I remember calling CQ from the summit and hearing this wall of sound, unable to make out even1 call sign. I thrust the microphone back to Neil as if it were too hot to handle – it seemed so scary. Now I love pile ups!
“Just a little bit addictive don’t you reckon?” - What makes you say that Tom?
“CW next Karen?”. - I Can’t Wait for the next either Tom and it may well be GW/MW-012 :slight_smile:

Thanks Aled and thanks for the chat at the bottom of Tryfan.

Thanks Nick. Hope to work you and Geoff on the Friday when you’re in NW – maybe even S2S subject to wx.

“I had been listening to your organised and courteous contacts on 325 as I ascended from the road and marvelled at your knack of matching names to call signs.” - Organised? Must have been the altitude Viki. As for matching call signs to names – you must have hit one of my better patches! “All my ‘regulars’ know that I can’t even get my own callsign right let alone write down anyone elses!! “ - Viki, I have said before now “This is 2W0TDX/P on . … . . ” Oops!
Thanks for all the S2S.

Thanks Phil and thank you for the EI S2S (and hundreds of other contacts). Great to work you on my MG activation. Catch you on another one soon.

Thanks Matt. Looking forward to many more 23cms contacts in the future.

Thanks John. You have certainly made it worthwhile carrying the DJ-G7 up to NW summits :wink:

Liz and Colin thank you. Sorry to have missed you both but thank you for all the contacts on the way. Liz I had hoped to do the activation over the weekend but I’m afraid I had to take advantage of the good wx forecast. Will be up in LD for 2 days beginning of Feb subject to wx and also beginning of March.

Simon & Chris, thank you. Always a pleasure to work you both. Look forward to many more contacts

Thanks for the kind words John. Sorry to have missed you S2S – sounds like you had quite a day!
“You now have vast experience” - I don’t know that I’d go that far John – I certainly have a few mistakes under my belt and there will no doubt be more in the future but hopefully I’ll muddle through ok.
“on your own a lot of the time” - Can’t say I don’t miss the company and I certainly miss the moral support when things get a bit sticky! Mind over matter or putting on a brave front is a lot tougher on your own!

Thanks John. Hope to catch you from another summit soon.

Jimmy M0HGY, AdrianG4AZS, Rob G7LAS, Robert G0PEB, Roger MW0IDX & Sue MW6SYL, Frank G3RMD, Mark G0VOF, Peter G1FOA, Peter M1CNL and Chris M0XRS
– many thanks to all of you. Look forward to working you again soon.

And finally very many thanks to all chasers & activators for your help and contacts (and your patience) on the way and especially for your warm welcome and company on the summits.

Karen 2E0XYL

In reply to 2E0XYL:

Well done Karen.

I tried to call you a few times on 2m without success to congratulate you.



In reply to G3CWI:

Thanks Richard. I’m sure we’ll make contact from another summit sometime soon.


In reply to 2E0XYL:

Congratulations Karen and thanks for all your help - you were my first SOTA contact :slight_smile:

Best wishes

John 2E0GBG & M6AVN