New G summit

The UK summit positions are determined and checked by the UK Relative Hills of Britain group, we use the data with permission. A small number of the RHB mob are known as “the tamperers” as they keep checking summit positions and moving them as they get better tools and more experienced at finding the true top. Well they’ve done it again…

Muncaster Fell G/LD-055 has been re-evaluated. The current summit is Hooker Crag and the re-evaluated summit is now some 500m NE at SD 1155 9867. The SOTA summit wont change for some time as the G manager will need to submit his changes and they will get scheduled for upload.

Now my title “New G summit” is really clickbait. The summit is moving but it wont get a new number. From a SOTA point of view this is a documentation change. The real effect will be that the Trig point at the current summit will no longer be in the new SOTA summit AZ. If you find the WAB Trig award a nice adjunct to SOTA then you will want to ensure you have bagged this Trig as it wont be too long until SOTA activators no longer go there.

Phew, what a relief! :wink:

If the old summit is not in the AZ of the new summit, then I would have thought that a new number is necessary.


Actually Gerald it might get a new number thinking about it.

I was thinking that the new SOTA summit would be more than 25m from the trig so the trig wouldn’t be in SOTA AZ. The Trig point AZ is different to the SOTA AZ and the SOTA AZ is defined by the drop not distance. D’uh! Trying to do to many things here. The man who will determine if it’s a new new summit or just a new summit position is the G AM, Jimmy M0HGY.

So you may need to make a “short” detour on your next trip North to recapture this one. Or not. Similarly the trig may stop being in the AZ. Or may continue.

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Hmm, it’s position is not exactly convenient though. If it is a replacement summit with a new reference, then we’ll have to link it in with a trip to the Bitter End in Cockermouth for some excellent food and ale… I am sure Paul won’t complain! Maybe a nice way to break the journey back after one of our main GM trips. :wink:

Perhaps it won’t be rutted and destroyed by the recent Top Gear stunt like the present summit? Rob and Audrey will no doubt investigate.
I won’t rush back to re-complete Lake District region. There are too many nicer fells in WOTA to activate instead.
I was hoping it this post signalled the return of G/LD-002 - a proper hill. I’ll activate it as LDW002 and a HUMP one day instead.

Cabin fever is strong here.
David M0YDH

If I owned some such moor and a bunch of Tristan’s from the BBC wanted to pay me to drive cars over my moor and chew it up then I’d take the money and do a George Best(*). As it stands as a moor, it wont be a huge earner. Also, irrespective of it’s now chewed up state, hill baggers will still bag it. Seems to be a win, win for the owner.

(*) George Best spent most of his money on women, drink and fast cars. The rest he wasted.

At first I would I was relieved that both summits are in the activation zone until it turns out that they might not be. I will check the map later to see whether or or they are within same activation zone. It they are not within same activation zone, it won’t be until March 2017 that I can make the change due to the one update per year rule, so G/LD-055 will be deleted on 1st March 2017 and the new summit will be G/LD-059 on 2nd March 2017. This will mean a trip to the Lake District for me and my dad Tom M1EYP next just to activate this new summit to keep up with our activated all G SOTA summits record.

Jimmy M0HGY - G Association Manager

Jimmy, If you make the change over date the weekend of the Blackpool Rally then some of us will be able to bag the old reference on their way South the day before the rally and bag the new reference on their way North a day or so later when traveling home.

Just saying…

Interesting! I get the Relative Hills Bagging (RHB) Yahoo News digest.

In it Alan Dawson says the new summit is 232.1m and the “old” one is 231.4m. He goes on to say “The drop between the two summits is about 30 metres so they are quite separate points”.

Looking at the 1:25K Explorer map (electronically) it appears the lowest point between the two is not below 200m, but not higher than 210m (based on 10m contour intervals). So it means the drop is between 22.1m and 32.1m.

Maybe we could get the “tamperers” to nip back and measure the lowest point :slight_smile:

Good luck working that out Jimmy!

(I haven’t done it yet - if it does get a new reference I might try to nip up at midnight on switch over day and activate the old ref and the new ref in half an hour or so!)

Ha… posts crossed… great minds think alike (sort of).

Hi Gerald,

Thank you for this information. I have looked at the map and it looks like the drop can be anything from 22.1m to 32.1m. I will send an email to Alan Dawson and see if can I find out the accurate height of the col. Alan Dawson has been helpful with a few queries I had about some Marilyns when I first became G - Association Manager 6 years ago.

Jimmy M0HGY

Drop confirmed as over 30m in latest RHB forum postings. :slight_smile:

That means we will have a new G reference - G/LD-059 - in the next G update (02/03/2017). G/LD-055 will be valid for activations and chases up to and including 01/03/2017. I wonder if the new summit will have a new name or if the current “Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag” will revert to just “Muncaster Fell”?

It will revert back to the old name of Muncaster Fell.

Jimmy M0HGY

I suspect (but cannot prove) that “Hooker Crag” is a Victorian invention to honour the great explorer and botanist Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. There is an extensive collection of rhododendrons and other exotica at Muncaster Castle, many quite huge but now buried in wild woodland.


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I would just like to remind everyone of this resurvey of Muncaster Fell where a small hill to the north east of Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag G/LD-055 was found to be higher than the Hooker Crag summit and the drop between both is more than 25m. This mean that Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag G/LD-055 will be removed from the SOTA summit and the new Muncaster Fell summit will be added to the SOTA programme and will have a reference of G/LD-059.

Please be advised that if anyone still wished to activate the Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag G/LD-055 summit, you now until the 1st March to do this, after than, it will no longer be a SOTA summit. The new Muncaster Fell G/LD-059 summit will be valid from the 2nd March which is SOTAs 15th birthday.

Jimmy M0HGY
G - Association Manager

Make the change date 1-Apr and I’ll buy you a beer.

We won’t be able to make it Norbreck Rally this year Andy, so won’t be possible for you to but me a beer until next year at least. Anyway I won’t be changing it to then as I think you only want to changing till then so can you activate G/LD-055 on your way down to Blackpool on the Saturday before the rally and you can then activate G/LD-059 on the Sunday after the rally on your way home. I think doing the summit change on rally weekend only benefits people who live north of Blackpool and not to the south of it and may cause competition who who activates it first as I think quite a few people who live north of Blackpool will go and activate the new summit on their way home.

Jimmy M0HGY

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That’s a nice set of “first activated by” you got there Jim…it would be a shame if the DB stopped reporting them.