New Database activation correction problem


I just entered an activation then noticed an error. As with the old database I downloaded the csv file, corrected the error with notepad, deleted the existing activation from the database, then tried to upload the corrected csv file. The new database wouldn’t accept the modified csv saying “Error on line 0 no V2 header found”.

Anyone got any suggestions on what’s wrong?




I had a similar problem and what I did was to eliminate a trailing comma on each line in the CSV file.
For the current format, see: Submitting chaser TSV logs

73, Dan NA6MG

Thanks Dan.

Apparently the new database won’t accept the activation log csv files that it creates. See: Hawe problem with new database

In order to correct an activation log dumped from the database you have to delete the first line of the csv file and the last 3 columns of the remaining lines.

Because they contain other useful information people had requested.

You can use a variety programs to edit the csv file. I would suggest LibreOffice Calc, it is a fine free program that can edit these and is availble for Windows, Linux, OSX,. You can use Excel but that normally costs money.


After discovering the previous post from LZ1GJ that’s what I did and the database accepted the results. But it sure was handy to be able to correct a log entry just using Notepad.

73, Mike

This points out another advantage of using csv or adif files to upload logs. If you discover an error you just delete the activation, correct the error in the relevant file, csv or adif, then upload again. You never need to download, edit, upload.

Naturally this requires you to keep all the csv files, so they need to be uniquely named. My standard is to name them with the date in standard format included in the file name, ie, yyyymmdd.

This ensures that they automatically appear in date order on your computer. These files are included in the documents that are backed up by weekly incremental backups.

While most of my activator logs are now produced by vkportalog i have occasional activator logs created using FLE as well as chaser logs. Such files are named and stored in the same folder structure as others.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

+1 for this comment Andrew. I enter my activation logs into a spreadsheet, then download as csv and upload to sotadata. I screwed up the date on my last one and it was a simple matter of changing the date, dragging it down to apply to all QSOs, download csv, delete old log, upload csv. Took probably 45 seconds.