New 2m/70cm FM Contests

I see that the RSGB has introduced some new FM contests for this year. Might be popular for SOTA?

I’ve never entered any contests but this and the 2m SSB contests maybe on my to do list this year.

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It will be interesting to see how they are received by the wider FM community. But at just one hour even I might have a go! IO83 is probably the place to be for such a contest series.

I reckon there’s 38 12.5kHz frequencies that are in the 2 sub-bands (I haven’t checked for fencepost errors). I might give this a bash some evenings from SS-254.

Well it can be fun. Some people take it really seriously, some people don’t. Go out and have QSOs (get SOTA points) and see how you do. Then you can do the same next time or see if you can improve the setup as there should be a reasonable number of signals on air. The gain from improving the setup is it’s better for SOTA and if you have a tame high spot to work from (maybe a SOTA summit or not) then you can improve your operator skills and station for less physical effort.

Just ensure you know your locator and the exchange in the contest and off you go…

Anything that raises activity levels on 2M FM has to be a good thing.

73 Chris M0RSF

Especially if you use a small beam and turn it flat side for some horizontal FM and get some dx in to
IO70 Chris. 73 Don.