National SOTA Day, Portugal - Some conclusions

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Hi all

Just to remember that the last day to ask for the certificates of the SOTA National Day (CT) will be next April 17th.

Certificates will be issued to all chasers who made a QSO with Portuguese SOTA activator (call signs CT/CS/CR/CU) and ask for it, free of charge, to
A donation to SOTA program will be appreciated (donate at

  • In this day we commemorate the 5 years of SOTA program in Portugal

  • 21 SOTA referencies were activated and more than 520 QSOs were established on QRG’s between 7 Mhz and 1,3 GHz, using FM, SSB, CW and numeric comms.
    (Some stations didn’t recorded yet their QSOs in the database.)

  • Portuguese activators (CT/CS/CR/CU) were in Portugal mainland, Azores e France.

Thank you all chasers, activators and SWL.

Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

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